Why freedom is vital for these Southwest Floridians

Why freedom is vital for these Southwest Floridians

When attention to the U.S. Bill of Rights emerged at a Collier County Commission meeting recently, it had company its promoters may not have been aware of.

Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution have local champions for years. These advocates don’t seek legislation, but an understanding and appreciation of the words that cemented us as a nation. The Fourth of July is a special day for them both:

Putting the Constitution in kids’ hands

The Florida governor’s recent mandate to teach civics in Florida schools is so far behind the fervor of Joseph Cofield, it’s not even in second place.

That — and third and fourth places — also should go to the Army veteran and former teacher, whose passion is to get a copy of our nation’s Constitution into every fifth-grader’s hands.

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Cofield just celebrated a milestone. He was finally able to distribute copies for every fifth-grader in Florida’s public school districts via his nonprofit, constitutionforthepeople.org.

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