What to Know BEFORE Going to Panama | Panama Travel Guide Ep. 8

What to Know BEFORE Going to Panama | Panama Travel Guide Ep. 8

It’s easy to make a fool of yourself in a new culture. That sums up our first few trips to Central America. What to Know BEFORE Going to Central America is a quick video helping you know what to expect for your first trip out of the US or your first trip into Central America. This is Panama Travel Guide Episode 8, check out the rest of our series for great info and resources for your next trip!

Life, people, land, it’s all different, and that’s why we travel; to explore and discover new things. We hope this video helps you prepare mentally for what to expect on your first international trip to Central America. After a few visits we became accustomed to certain things and knew how to handle them in future trips, making our travel more enjoyable and less stressful.

Please let us know if you found anything helpful or if you have any tips or suggestions of your own!

Traveling Full-Time, Our Story:
We traded-in our “Typical American Life” for one of Adventurous Family Travel. Here we share our journey in hopes it will inspire others to follow their dreams. We hope to show that travel is totally possible, even with small kids.

We are Jesse, Jenny, and Tucker. We began this adventure in 2017 and love the freedom our lifestyle affords. We’ve spent holidays with family, RV’d across the US, down into Mexico, up to the Canadian border and even participated in the “RV Nomads” movie. We flew to Panama for three months where we lived on the beach, and are now getting set for a Fall trip through Maine and the Eastern US.

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