Vincent Anderson’s newly released “I Am” is an encouraging look at Jesus’s teachings and how one can apply them to many aspects of life | News

Vincent Anderson’s newly released “I Am” is an encouraging look at Jesus’s teachings and how one can apply them to many aspects of life | News

MEADVILLE, Pa., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “I Am”: a potent opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. “I Am” is the creation of published author Vincent Anderson, a loving husband since 1966 who is thankful for the five adult children, two grandchildren, and daughter and son-in-law who are shared with his beloved wife, Mary Jo. Anderson has written and produced the award-winning movie My Special Stone and is the author of the book I Am Good. Educated and trained at St. Bonaventure University and having served in the US Army, he is dedicated to increasing the kingdom of God. Anderson is the founder of the Kingdom Building Church International Inc., Kingdom Building Today Ministry, Kingdom Building Schools, Kingdom Building Studio, Kingdom Building Television Station, and Kingdom Building Radio and currently serves as Senior Pastor of the seven Kingdom Building churches in Apopka, Florida; Czech Republic; Africa; Ecuador; and Yonkers, New York.

Anderson shares, “This book is written for two groups of people. The first group is for those ordinary Christians who decide to have an extraordinary life, which is the very life that God promises, wants, and desires for everyone to live.

“The second group is for those who are struggling, have given up hope, or are in desperate need. They realize the folly and hopelessness in the idea that man can only rely on another man to help him. They have seen the limits of politics, education, science, technology, and medicine. They want and need a savior. They need Jesus.

“Every aspect of life needs Jesus—personally, socially, religiously, financially, politically, and globally.

“Jesus is the one true, reliable source, and he is the answer in every situation and for every need.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Vincent Anderson’s new book is a powerful exploration of the author’s faith and religious teachings.

With testimonies, reflection, and encouraging narrative, Anderson writes in hopes of reaching those who live triumphant in Christ or those who may need help finding a path back to God’s grace. His encouraging tone and inspiring message is a beacon of positivity in a world of seemingly unending conflict.

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