Sunday, September 26, 2021

Verdict made in Koikos case

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A verdict has been made in the vehicular homicide trial of Nikoleta Koikos.

Court documents show that the jury found Koikos guilty of DUI manslaughter after nearly 11 hours of deliberation.

A pre-sentencing hearing has been set for June 15.

Koikos was accused of running over her boyfriend Gary Diskerud during an argument on Killarney Way in Jan. 2019.

Attorneys delivered nearly two hours of closing arguments to the jury Friday morning.

Koikos’ defense attorney, David Collins, told the jury there was no evidence that her boyfriend was dragged by the car and as soon as she realized he’d been hit, she turned around and called 911.

“It’s sad. It’s a tragedy,” Collins said. “She did what anyone would do after this accident.”

Collins said Koikos’ story has remained the same from the first officer on scene until a lengthy interview with TPD investigators. He rebuffed the testimony of one officer who testified he thought Koikos’ grief was not real.

In their final arguments to the jury, prosecutors painted a picture of a “full-fledged domestic argument” inside the couple’s car, telling the jury when Diskerud got out, Koikos climbed into the driver’s seat and “punched the gas.”

“Why would she do that? because she was high as a kite,” he argued.

The prosecutor, James Beville, showed pictures of the boyfriend’s injuries to the jury in his final rebuttal. “That doesn’t happen when you trip and fall,” the prosecutor said.

“Do I think she intended to kill him?” Beville asked the jury. “No, but in that moment she didn’t care.”

“This is tragic. There are no winners in this,” Beville told the jury. “But that does not absolve her of her responsibility.”

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