US imposes travel ban on Brazil +++ Spain eases restrictions | Coronavirus Update

The White House is imposing travel restrictions on Brazil. Starting May 28th, foreign nationals will be banned from entering the US if they’ve been in Brazil two weeks prior to travel. Brazil’s number of coronavirus cases is now the world’s second-highest. President Jair Bolsonaro has opposed the pandemic guidelines used in other countries, saying the economy comes first.
Spain has started the next phase of relaxing its coronavirus lockdown, with people being allowed to meet in groups in Madrid and Barcelona. The country’s first beaches are also reopening. Pandemic restrictions have already cost millions of Spaniards their jobs. That number is so high that welfare programs can’t keep up with soaring demand for food aid.
Some other coronavirus developments:
– Japan has ended its coronavirus state of emergency for the entire country, following a sharp decline in new cases.
– New Zealand plans to further loosen its restrictions by increasing the maximum size of gatherings from 10 people to 100.
– South Korea has reported 16 new cases. Authorities are trying to keep new transmissions low despite 2 million more children returning to school this week.
– Chile’s president has warned his country’s health system is “very close to the limit.” Case numbers have risen to just under 70-thousand.

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