Tropical storm warning issued for South Florida

Tropical storm warning issued for South Florida

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13 thoughts on “Tropical storm warning issued for South Florida

  1. This was a storm not a hurricane please retract the name. Hurricane winds are 75 mph.

  2. Amazing how that trac can be predicted from Mexico over west Broward. little over Dade , so an indirect brush. However it's not impossible for a model to break 10 miles south, but the models are getting so good these days. That's it's unlikely.

  3. Thank you so much for the update❤️❤️❤️hoping we don’t get too much of a busy hurricane season this yr wheww lol

  4. I smell red tide coming now for sure rip

  5. all of that Nano particulate contrail created cirrus clouds are now feeding this storm with more moisture would this be considered accidental geoengineering or the new term they have agreed upon because it's not as scary as geoengineered weather sounds so now they call it climate mitigation.

  6. Biden calling for a ban on any gun is treasonous and he must be removed from office immediately.
    We are a republic not a communist country.

  7. If we're watching channel 7 news … why did we get cut off and and come back to good morning LA …….. WE'RE not in LA where in Miami ….. Thanks you cut Vanessa borge off in the middle of her statement to put on good mornin L.A. …. NO THANKS … ✌️

  8. here we go…it's a wakeup call for us Floridians to get prepared not only for a tropical storm but flooding. yes cars should not go thru waters …we don't know how deep the water is. I've seen cars get stuck and destroyed. Be prepared and safe everyone.

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