Tropical storm causes flash flooding in Miami | USA TODAY

Tropical storm causes flash flooding in Miami | USA TODAY

Miami officials warned residents about “extremely dangerous” road conditions due to flash flooding that happened overnight.

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22 thoughts on “Tropical storm causes flash flooding in Miami | USA TODAY

  1. Was this a tropical storm? Actually I think it was only a tropical disturbance while it crossed Florida, people down there need to be prepared for what could come! God forbid…

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  3. 🥺😩😞 I hate flooding of any kind. But thanks for sharing 🙏🏽 people of Florida and Cuba

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  8. Maybe send all the garbage from the northern states and build Florida up about 20 feet on all the soiled diapers and fast food packaging from the northern states.

  9. And it’s only June. Please no major hurricanes this year 😔🙏🏼

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  11. Trumpski said global warming is fake news so it’s just an illusion Floridians. Press on!

  12. Why is it that every time a storm hits Miami the media reports the same shit as last time? It’s literally the same report. Miami is Miami and that will happen every season so find something new to report about

  13. We did say it decades ago that a city like Miami will become submerged under water due to climate change. Are you still a non-believer?

  14. Sucks for Floridians. Oh well, blame your Governor for taking swift actions on banning Math books because of CRT and human rights instead of protecting Floridians from Climate "Weather" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Floridians be like just another average drive through town. Nothing to see here 🤣.

    Just kidding

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