The Strongest Hurricane in the History of Mexico – The Agatha Storm

The Strongest Hurricane in the History of Mexico – The Agatha Storm

Hurricane Agatha made history as the strongest hurricane ever recorded, hitting the eastern Pacific, beach towns and fishing …

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  4. Patricia is the strongest hurricane to hit mexico. 3 years ago. But this is absolutely devastating! My heart cries for Mexico! Prayers of safety for all!

  5. You need to get your information correct, Agatha was the strongest hurricane to hit Mexico in MAY, and hurricanes in the Pacific are not formed by tropical waves from off the coast of Africa!!

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  14. It was absolutely not the strongest hurricane on record it was the strongest on record in May. Hurricanes usually come later in the rainy season.

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  19. THIS IS THE STRONGEST HURRICANE TO HIT MEXICO IN MAY NOT THE STRONGEST TO HIT MEXICO EVER. The strongest to hit Mexico is Patricia which was a cat 5 with winds of 215 mph while Agatha was a cat 2 with winds of 110 mph

  20. Hurricane Agatha was not the strongest storm in Mexico it was only a cat 2 the strongest storm was hurricane Patricia Wich had winds of 215 mph

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  23. It's the strongest to hit DURING THE MONTH OF MAY, not the strongest ever.

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