SW Miami-Dade residents demanding action from county after they say floods were preventable

SW Miami-Dade residents demanding action from county after they say floods were preventable

CBS4’s Trish Christakis spoke with one resident who has to put his washer and dryer on concrete blocks to avoid them being …

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37 thoughts on “SW Miami-Dade residents demanding action from county after they say floods were preventable

  1. Will be interesting to see how deep the water gets next storm !!!!!!!!!!!! All you people down there create the sewage now live in it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There should be no help from any taxpayer. If you want to live in a flood zone then you should lose your property when it floods. Regular people do not want to pay for you to hog the shoreline. And tourists should go away !!!!

  3. If it floods, MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You cannot stop the Atlantic Ocean from touching its shoreline. Just build your condos and pollute with your sewage somewhere else. Morons.

  5. It is going to keep flooding. Floods will get deeper and last longer. Move.

  6. If you dont like it then move north, out of florida. Move to Washington DC. I dont want to pay for your residential choice. Maybe move to New Orleans. You choose to live in a flood zone. With sewer. Leave.

  7. The Voters of Florida have decided that they want to live in a Dystopian Society. Enjoy

  8. If you don’t like water in the street you might want to think about moving because it looks like it’s just going to get worse in the next 20 years

  9. your entire state is a interconnected set of submerged waterways mostly below sea level combine that with the fact everyone has built canals all over for convenience this is gonna happen like everyday

  10. Price they pay…oh we have low property taxes 😂😂😂😂👏 so therefore no services👍

  11. Stop building these Dame condos in cutting tress where do you expect the water to go

  12. Im sorry 5”8 isn’t short….and I’m here at 5”4 having to jump over the shoulders of people.

  13. Florida has Snakes and lots
    Of them they can come up
    From the drains what kind
    Of parents let their kids
    Play in sewer water???
    Only in Miami 😬

  14. You live in a swamp barely above sea level and you're wondering why it floods?

  15. Not safe for postal delivery…
    If the northern states have laws to protect postal workers to have clear pathways to delivery mail, than im sure it's illegal for the county to keep the land flooded to make even more destruction….

  16. Keep Cutting down Healthy Trees, paving everything over with Concrete and Asphalt AND allowing unrestricted development. These are the results of trying to turn everything into an artificial "paradise"

  17. It's not going to get better 🤣🤣 tell me how it is in the next 5 years

  18. wahh wahh wahh wahh wahh wahh . kendall and sw sucks azz. you all should know this by now. this isn't news

  19. For so many Years, I been hearing Part of Florida will be underneath the Water.
    All the People in Florida They all Know that.
    Enjoy The Florida Weather.

  20. I think Miami city council should do something about drainage areas

  21. Florida has the worst local and municipal governments out of any state in the union. Most of them are corrupt and only exist to siphon tax money into their own bank accounts.

  22. If you live there and know it floods like that, why would you stay? It's on you, just like the people in Louisiana after Katrina. When will you learn?

  23. Florida is flat. Miami is concrete, nowhere for rain to go when you get predictable tropical storms

  24. Saying hello from the dry Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania where the air is clean, low crime rate, plenty of clean drinking water and where the cost of living is very reasonable.

    See ya sooner or later.

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