South Florida flooding

South Florida flooding

Portions of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are flooded after heavy rains.

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40 thoughts on “South Florida flooding

  1. Guess they should have fixed their pumps and storm sewers prior ? Just sayin.

  2. Just imagine, in 20 years Miami going to be like this even when it’s not raining, makes you wonder what it’ll be like then when there’s a downpour

  3. There should be real time notifications/text alerts with flood zone locations. I

  4. South Florida always floods and flooding will only get worse with our climate changes caused by us.

  5. To all of you that you going to enjoy that up with a lots of lots of a mosquitoes🐊🐢🦎🐍🦈🐌🐛🐠🐡🐝🕷🪳 and other different animals

  6. why are Floridians acting like they had no idea that the storm would do this?

  7. We just had lot's of rain and wind here in Cape Coral/Fort Myers. These storm's are usually never as bad as the media likes to hype up. Plus, we get lots of advanced warning's when hurricanes come

  8. Setting new rain records in Seattle and South Florida is consistent with our contribution to global warming. This is just the beginning. The Florida Governor supports oil concerns and opposes renewable energy.

  9. All the new Florida people be like it’s terrible. I be like ya fishing in the street

  10. He said check this out getting around on surfboards well Florida have nothing but water what is the big deal

  11. Maybe flooding will wash desatan right out into the ocean if your lucky.

  12. And the dumbasses that still think they can drive around in the waters

  13. Why doesn't OBiden write an Executive Order and BAN HURRICANES??

  14. would be watching for crocks and sharks while paddle boarding around.

  15. Cholera is going to break out. Paddling around in poop water is not good for you.

  16. News says crazy weather. I haven't seen a drop of rain in 2 weeks. Be kinda sunny out with some passing clouds. 🤔 If I don't turn on the news I wouldn't Know about the weather In supposed to be experiencing but not

  17. It's probably some trash blocking the storm drain. It's kinda common here in Florida

  18. someone’s dog just died someone get it on the news

  19. Ban hurricanes there killing to many 🤪

  20. If I lived in Florida, I would definitely be looking at some topographical maps in preparation for these types of storms and have a plan. Seems like common sense instead of losing my car.

  21. Just keep saying, “global warming is a hoax, global warming is a hoax, global warming is a hoax.. “. It will disappear like a miracle. It’s rounding the turn.. Don’t worry.

  22. Every weather related story : who cares I don't live there

  23. Get used to it Florida! You may be under water soon! You may not believe in Global Warming but Florida Insurance companies must believe ! Your Home Owner's Insurance rates are skyrocketing!!!! Just saying!

  24. To bad that couldn't be pumped to other states or countries experiencing droughts.

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