Rough start to the rainy season as storms floods out streets across South Florida

Rough start to the rainy season as storms floods out streets across South Florida

CBS4’s Ashley Dyer reports plenty of cars were also stalled out.

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44 thoughts on “Rough start to the rainy season as storms floods out streets across South Florida

  1. In a couple years when the city of Atlantis rises again all of us in Florida are fuckeddddddd

  2. The verse reads, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV).

  3. This is nothing new with this sort of weather in Florida. However, there’s a larger amount of people living there. Now with a lot lot more living there, when this happens, think of the amount of sht mixing with this flood.

  4. DeSantis has ordered that hurricanes now be referred to as windy days with free car washes.

  5. Yes, we know that the weather is now being used as a weapon of war…so, reporting on these events as if they randomly happened is incredibly dishonest. The headline should read "the UN has decided to attack any area not complying with the Great Reset"

  6. I pray for those impoverished people to get through this. I pray for the older folks .

  7. Localized flooding is MUCH more common in Broward and Dade due to low coastal elevations of only a feet above MSL. its not nearly as common as coastal counties further North. For example here in Palm Beach County our average elevation is at least 10 feet higher than that. we still have flooding in traditional low lying pockets but it doesn't last as long and the areas are smaller as well. This is also why the media always heads to those counties for the worst because they know the areas that easily flood (even in thunderstorms that are not spinner related). To be honest except for STUPID people walking around in flooded areas we're a LOT more concerned about WIND than rain. Why? We do NOT have "flash" flooding in FL due to our overall "tabletop" topography and very porous topsoil. The thing that causes the most deaths in spinners (especially in FL) are 1) stupid people (mostly during aftermath) 2) wind. Remember that its the WIND that causes 90% of storm surge, not rain, not pressure, not tides.

  8. Funny how the liberal media main focus was on the car stalled rather than a woman with a cup and her six children taking water out of her home so no one showed up to help them wow

  9. Yep danger most definitely lurks underneath in Florida
    Water moccasin snakes alligators and
    gray Whistler snakes all of them chase you all the poisonous and all are dangerous…👁

  10. Could try not living at sea level but i doubt anyone in that embarrassment of a state is smart enough to figure that out. I hope the whole place gets washed right off the map. Do the rest of us in this country a favor.

  11. U have sinkholes starting again. Sell your property and move to Wyoming. Only gonna get worse with hurricane season in a few months. Go now. Dont wait!!!

  12. Too bad Trump isn't President – he'd be tossing out rolls of paper towels all over the place…

  13. They choose to live there so I'm sure they are used to it.

    ⏳LUKE CHAPTER 21 VERSES 25/27⏳

  15. I was a teenager living in Satellite Beach in 1968 , during hurricane season high water was the norm I walked thru water to get to school.

  16. Well GOD controls the rain sooooo there's nothing u can do about it but find new residence

  17. How come there was never storm or flood in The movie Miami CSI😂

  18. Some people in Miami: Oh look a puddle of water! 😃 I think i'm gonna do about 80 miles per hour right through it. 🤔 Smfh

  19. are you kidding me I thought they was in the middle of a drought tell the truth media step up quit lying

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