‘Red, White and Boom’ dazzles Cape Coral


Cape Coral’s “Red White and Boom” event made its triumphant return after being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The largest single-day event in Southwest Florida welcomed thousands of people to celebrate the Fourth of July.

People in Cape Coral feel like they’ve got their freedom back after not having the event last year. They say this Fourth of July holds more meaning than ever before. Last year, they felt trapped inside of their homes and now they get to remember why they love America.

The sights and sounds fireworks provide were missed by so many. Now, they’re back. “It’s good to have everything back to normal, we’re excited to be part of that,” said Thomas Naylor, who came to Cape Coral to experience Sunday night’s display.

Kayla Martinson came over from North Fort Myers. “It feels very welcoming, like freedom like it’s a good Fourth of July to have our freedom back,” Martinson said.

The freedom to be out and about, to be among neighbors, friends and family is something that’s bringing people to Southwest Florida to celebrate the holiday.

“Back in Michigan, it’s all still shut down and down here it’s not so…” said Martinson.

Bill and Barbara White hope to enjoy the displays as well. “Up in Massachusetts, things are still closed, it’s cold, rainy, this weekend it’s 61 and raining back home. Good for them people,” said White.

The weather is just one of the many reasons people are happy to attend “Red, White and Boom.” Food is another and possibly even bigger motivator.

Robin Pearl is based on Pine Island and is just one of the multiple vendors. “The best thing to do on July 4, try some American seafood,” Pearl said.

His goal is to bring locals and people from all across the country a taste of seafood right from Southwest Florida’s coast. “You know it feels good to have a good product, it feels good to be part of a great community,” said Pearl.

That means being part of a community that loves their country.

“Freedom, Fourth of July what’s better than this? God bless America!” the Whites said.

Sunday’s event was held at the base of the Cape Coral Bridge and it is currently still closed. If you need to travel between cape coral and Fort Myers, the Edison and Midpoint Bridges are still open.

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