Pat Riley Talks Miami Heat Season, Offseason Plans, Tyler Herro Starting, Kyle Lowry Better Shape

Pat Riley Talks Miami Heat Season, Offseason Plans, Tyler Herro Starting, Kyle Lowry Better Shape

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44 thoughts on “Pat Riley Talks Miami Heat Season, Offseason Plans, Tyler Herro Starting, Kyle Lowry Better Shape

  1. He needs to retire. Starting two bums off the street is not gonna cut it. He seems senile

  2. It's interesting that Riley still has Precious on his mind when speaking of the Heat's young rising stars. The Raptors Family thanks you wholeheartedy for sending him our way, sir. Respect.

  3. We need a big man badly, Bam is not the answer, you can not teach size!

  4. Coming from a Celtic fan I really thing its time for Pat to retire. I think given his age he may try to swing too many bad moves to win now at all cost. No way I am not starting Tyler herro or duncan robinson and getting a bunch of veteran guards like Lowrey, tucker, and victor. How these young players going to grow if they dont have the confidence of their president and playing time? I've seen Danny ainge skrew this up with Terry rozier and luckily we cleaned out the roster so JB could start. but that was more so by default when Kyrie, horford, Rozier, and Hayward left bc too many starters on a roster results in everyone wanting out! Never thought Celtics would be better of without Danny ainge but his obsession with getting a superstar PG got in the way with him giving the players he had on the roster he build from really contending. Credit to danny ainge still bc our entire roster was drafted by him as was brad stevens. But if danny ainge was still here I guarantee he would not have traded Kemba for Horford, resulting in celtics not getting out the first round let alone past the Heat.

  5. "I run it back with my wife every week."

  6. Pat must have wondered what the season would have been like with a healthy Kyle.Lowry among other issues!!

  7. Can you imagine Knicks having this type of Executive.

  8. "The winner within" Hail to the Godfather, he will get us there.

  9. OMG that one reporter needs to lower his voice and move the mic away from his face jeeeeesus christ

  10. Botton line KLo doesnt deserve to start over Tyler. Tyler needs to start he's the better player all around.

  11. trade butler, lowry herro they are not the ones to take this team to win a championship, they are prone to injury

  12. I think Pat Rodney he knows the problem but you just don't want to say it I believe that we could have won the championship because we have the talent I just believe in my opinion I just believe that the reds will Coach and how we using our players we're not using tired of hero right damn right you know Dr Robinson I just think they look tired and most of the quarter then when they do come out like if they have four days off they come out flat they don't come out with no energy light in the playoff you can look at it then had no energy they didn't play like they in the championship like Boston play you understand like Milwaukee have played you know they don't have that championship attitude I don't know what to say break the team up or change the coach I just think they need to change the way they culture because every team know how to play defense and when everything you know how to play defense on you and you don't even know giving a defense

  13. Heat fans! Love haslem but somebody get word to get the boy off the bench he taking up space for somebody who could be in the game

  14. Run it back with your wife What!?!😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Whatever you do you MUST keep PJ Tucker. After all, look what happened to the Bucks!

  16. Riley won't hesitate to trade anyone for the right deal. Even Jimmy. He turns 33 this year and his trade value is big time after this year's stellar playoff performance.

  17. If I was John wall I’m getting that buyout and go sign with Miami come off the bench.

  18. Why isn't anyone talking about the coaching decisions in the whole series? It sucked.

  19. When The Godfather speaks, you listen. The greatest to ever do it.

  20. i love my miami heat team,y yust want to mention that bam adebayo has to play mor aggressive
    for best competition,he has to play more hard like p.j tucker an Dewayne Dedmon

  21. It absolutely amazes me how many idiotic heat fans argued with me all season about bam and his shots per game being trash 🗑. And that if miami were gonna make a finals this year hed have to steup his offensive output! Now Pat says that bam needs to shoot it 15 times a game and ppl all of a sudden agree! Now I know some of u were on the same page with me as smart heat fans, if only we could get rid of the dummies! 😂

  22. Unless he paints his nails, I think he unfortunately has melanoma

  23. One thing bout pat he knows how to fill in the holes that need to be filled,,, the way he built this team is to attract other big time player to come to miami

  24. Ball handling lateral quickness and shot selection see golden State can shoot 3 and inside

  25. That was great. I like his demeanor. We’ve missed the finals by a three that fell short, and unfortunate injuries. Ensuring that we wouldn’t need an overhaul. Just minor tweaks here and there. The media will lead you to believe that we need a blockbuster trade, when in fact we don’t. Develop who we have, and move pieces that can get us over the hump. Nevertheless, I hope we can keep Oladipo.

  26. I wish someone asked if UD will be back next season😂

  27. Lord willing we get another 15+yrs from Godfather Pat🙏🏿 but when his time comes I hope Heat have a public funeral so us fans can come show our love for this man

  28. i met Pat Riley in the year he was going to sign Lebron i scanned his ticket to fly to Cleveland to meet Lebron. Had to hand search because of metal knee. Talk to him and he confirmed that Lebron was coming to Miami. In his words he said" You know what they call that? It's a triple play." I will have faith in Miami Heat forever great organization.

  29. I would get Bam out of here quick if Joel wanted to come down to Miami. Miami fans think about that, Bam not getting the job done

  30. Honestly think we don't need any trades if Dipo stays and remains healthy. He's a needle mover.

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