NCAA allows student athletes to make money using names and images

Dallas-NCAA clarified how athletes can benefit from their name. Just as the law granting such compensation will soon become law in some states.

Expected approval from the NCAA Board comes a few days after the Division I Council’s recommendation to allow athletes in all states to pursue name, image, and portrait compensation without compromising college qualifications. I was struck.

“As I said before, the locker room is now insane, it’s a mixture of chaos and excitement!” USC quarterback MoHasan said: “In one sense, it’s really exciting. In another, it’s kind of chaotic just because you don’t know exactly what’s going on or what’s regulated. is.”

Armauni Archie, a defensive back at Washington State University, originally from Vallejo, California, is keen to explore the possibilities of video games and social media.

“We are all very excited about this. I think this is a good opportunity for us. We talk about it every day,” Archie said.

The NCAA’s decision to suspend payment restrictions to athletes, such as sponsorship agreements, online approvals, and personal appearances, applies to all three divisions or approximately 460,000 athletes.

The NCAA also allows athletes to sign contracts with agents, encouraging them to continue to inform schools. The NCAA said the school “is responsible for determining whether these activities are in line with state law.”

“Today is an important day for college athletes, as they all have access to name, image and portrait opportunities,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert. “With the various state laws adopted throughout the country, we will work with Congress to develop solutions that provide clarity at the national level.”

The NCAA wants to have federal law or its own permanent rules on the issue known as the NIL, but instead of giving athletes in some states compensation, they offer a temporary solution. I was forced to seek out.
More than 10 states have legislation set to come into force on Thursday, which would have fallen below the existing NCAA rules for such compensation for athletes.

California Senator Nancy Skinner responded to the news Wednesday night.

“I’m excited,” she said. “This is a real victory for student and college athletes who have been exploited for decades. We are truly proud that California has played an important role. We have begun this effort. , 22 states followed us, what did the NCAA do? So they finally threw a towel. “

Without NCAA action, athletes in some states can make money without jeopardizing college qualifications, and athletes in other states may be at risk of violating NCAA rules. ..

However, college athletes have been hesitant to receive money for years. Many already have full scholarships, often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Yes, we expect a monetary rise, but what I’m most concerned about is the success of the team. Everyone is pulling the same and may not be equal now. It has something to do with me because I’m dealing with money, “said Andy Dorichi, a former sports executive at Oakland Athletics.

The NCAA’s interim action will take place within two weeks of the US Supreme Court’s decision against the association in a proceeding with education-related benefits. The 9-0 decision is expected to affect issues related to athletes’ compensation.

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