Naples churches learn technology during pandemic

Naples churches learn technology during pandemic

Pastor Nancy Mayeux noticed a startling development when First United Methodist Church of Naples began streaming its services during the pandemic.

The congregation was getting members who didn’t live in Naples. They had never been to Naples. Furthermore, they didn’t necessarily plan on coming here.

But they had found a spiritual home in the church, and were tuning in every week to watch its services. 

“That was actually a nice thing that came out of the pandemic,” said Mayeux, who found several silver linings to the pandemic.

St. John the Evangelist congregation offer the sign of pease during mass, Saturday, June 26, 2021, in Naples.

“Our seasonal people used to leave for the summer and we didn’t hear from them until they came back again in October. Now they’re worshipping online. With Zoom they’re participating in business meetings,” she said.

“In the past they would have been gone for five or six months. Now they continue to be involved with the life of the church.”

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