Small and Minority/Women Business Program Community Survey

 WHO:              City of West Palm Beach Office of Small and Minority/Women Business Program

                        All West Palm Beach small businesses

WHAT:             The City of West Palm Beach Office of Small and Minority/Women Business Programs is seeking feedback from small businesses owners within the City limits. We’ve created a survey to hear from you about the small business load program. The short survey aims to determine the successful components of the program and how the City can expand the successful aspects. Results will be reviewed by the department, along with the program’s affiliate partners. Click here to give us your thoughts.  

The OSMBP was established by Mayor James in 2019 to expand and ensure fair business practices in the city. The office is responsible for coordinating and facilitating programs that foster workforce development, business development, and professional education and training. The office informs businesses of how to work with the city and welcomes small, minority, and women-owned businesses to be active participants in the city’s procurement process. The office also tracks compliance by city departments and prime contractors on their inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility to procurement solicitation.

For more information, contact:

WHEN:            Monday, November 21 – Tuesday, December 27.

SURVEY:          This online survey will be available starting Monday, November 21, and will be open until Tuesday, December 27. The survey can also be found through our social media channels and on the City’s survey page.

CONTACT:       Sandra Hammerstein, (561) 822-1273 (TTY: 800-955-8771)

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