The design team led by Arquitectonica International Corporation and under contract to Miami-Dade County is continuing its work on the initial phase of the project: Program Verification and Site Planning.  Demonstrative tasks that have been completed and/or are currently in progress and which will inform the development of the site plan include:

  • Asbestos testing;
  • Historical research, analysis and documentation;
  • Structural investigation and lab testing (compressive strength, carbonation and chloride content ion testing);
  • Developing the program for the theater in consultation with GableStage and verifying it against the project budget;
  • Developing the parking program in consultation with the Miami Parking Authority; and
  • Assessment of local code requirements and initial meeting with City of Miami plans reviewers regarding code interpretation.

Once these key tasks are completed, the elements necessary to do informed site plans will be in place. It is anticipated that draft site plans will be completed and shared with the public for input by this summer.

GableStage continues to work with AMS Planning and Research on the operational, artistic, and mission-related aspects of the organization in preparation for its move to the Coconut Grove location.

It is important to note that the building continues to be secured to prevent intruders and vandalism.  All entrance and exit points have been boarded and/or locked. Additional repairs are performed on an as needed basis. The Miami Parking Authority continues to manage the operation of all parking on site and regularly monitors the property.

Please note that all earlier updates remain available on this web site and contain more details about the project and its progress. To view a comprehensive list of all previous updates please click here:

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