Miami INSANE Flooding Tropical Storm Watch LIVE (June 4, 2022)

Miami INSANE Flooding Tropical Storm Watch LIVE (June 4, 2022)

Miami INSANE Flooding Tropical Storm Watch LIVE Streamed June 4, 2022 Live Stream Rules and Guidelines (Show More …

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35 thoughts on “Miami INSANE Flooding Tropical Storm Watch LIVE (June 4, 2022)

  1. Is it better to drive fast or slow through water?

    The last thing you want to do is drive fast over watery roads. If you do have to cross water on the road enter at 1-2mph then drive at 3-4mph to avoid engine flooding.Apr 21, 2022

    Driving fast can cause more water to be thrown into the engine compartment increasing the chances of water being sucked into the air intake which will cause the vehicle to stall.

  2. This normal for Miami during tropical storms season

  3. People already saw the high water but still go through it. Unbelievable.

  4. This happens every huracán season and the city never do nothing about it that why I don’t live there anymore

  5. oh, how is possible??? a tropical storm in Miami! wow!!!! absolutely unexpected!

  6. Drive through water like that is incredibly bad for your engine if any water gets up in it

  7. Guess all those taxes are't going to drainage maintenance and being pocketed.. big surprise

  8. The engineers are not building or designing drainage systems for run off during storms. Florida should be an example for the rest of the country since it is in a hurricane zone. People need to do their job correctly and stop playing politics.

  9. Note to self: Don't buy a used car in Miami.

  10. Why would you drive your car through a flood Your drivers license should be suspended immediately

  11. Damn florida is all messed up. Looks like a third world country 👍

  12. Our drainage system sucks here so flooding happens every time we get constant rain. Don’t know why they won’t fix the problem.

  13. Miami is a beautiful city this time of year makes me think 🤔 twice about living there.

  14. Is the president okay? I heard something in the news about them involving a plane

  15. That's what happens when you learn to drive on water. Hey everyone let's drive on water!

  16. Miami should invest in those giant water pumps that New Orleans has.

  17. Getting water in your car engine. Not good.

  18. You need some good rain gear down there, Action Kid. Like one of those fisherman's rain suits and those overall boots.

  19. I heard that iguanas are part of the blame. They're ruining the roads and clogging up drains.

  20. I'm so confused. Is that a river or a street? Glad you're safe, Action Kid! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  21. This is just One of the reasons why I will never move there even though my son lives in kendall…you are under a tropical storm warning or hurricane warning 6 months out of the year,house insurance is insane,heat and humidity is unbearable from June thru September and the traffic is unreal…only time I actually go is for 2 weeks during xmas and new years…

  22. Here thinking. Every place in the world has pros and cons. I was raised in NYC. Our apartment got flooded one time. Then there was the dreaded blizzards and snow shoveling. In Puerto Rico were the sudden Earth Tremors. Florida is one of the most beautiful states and yes, rain, heat and humidity some times. California is suffering a mayor drought right now and fires. No perfect place. Stay happy wherever you live 😊
    Have a nice day

  23. Is the news media and the radio stations warning people of the flooded areas? At least up north here DOT warns us if you don't have to go out just stay home. It's common sense. They warn us ahead of time and people prepare by going to the gas stations and the grocery stores to get their necessities before hunkering down. Apparently the flooding has been an issue for many years with the city of Miami and I can't believe with all the billion-dollar buildings that are going up that they have yet to resolve this issue. Maybe it's more complex.

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