Mexico – The state and the drug cartels | Journal

Mexico – The state and the drug cartels | Journal

The disappearance of 43 students in Mexico is symptomatic of much larger problems in the country: widespread corruption and …

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42 thoughts on “Mexico – The state and the drug cartels | Journal

  1. How can normal people survive in these situations very sad

  2. I never want to visit Mexico I'm fluent in Spanish. Because of the Drug Cartels & I'm 💔😭 the children & pregnant moms getting killed in Mexico

  3. I met a really old guy from Sinaloa, probably in his seventies (in 2015). He told me when he was growing up, if someone shot a cop, they basically had a 50/50 shot of having done a good thing. So many officers on the force were working for the cartels that you literally had a 50/50 shot of shooting a cop and actually having it be a community service 😳😳 that’s terrifying. Obviously today it’s way different but I’m pretty sure he was referring to the 50s/60s/70s

  4. for this coming saturday i will be calling him to bring me the come Kia sedona

  5. A 24 hr American military bombing campaign in Mexico would wipe that country off the face of the earth

  6. Americans are just as responsible for this carnage as the drug gangs with their incessant craving for drugs. so when someone perishes via OD I say oh well

  7. And where do these anti-cartel groups get their guns from???

  8. Demand and supply. The US hunger for drugs is met with a complex supply chain of distributors. Mexico is soon to be as violent as the US in the drug wars. The US is facing unchartered waters in violence as daily shootings take place, DAILY!

  9. Go to Mexico if you want to be robbed or want to die!

  10. i advice all mexican civillian to get out on your country give your whole country to the cartel if that is what they want so your lives be safe

  11. After I become a beginner male ballet dancer, I may definitely bring El Mencho (and also the drug cartels) to justice while keeping Mexico safe as a military force

  12. the Mexican Gov't is no longer Governing Mexico, it has now become a fail state. All levels of Governance are corrupted and are on the same path as the Narcos

  13. Government should create a secret squad to hunt the cartels if they care about the people.they have the money,they have the power. Philippines has same problem like this too.but somehow the government put an action to lessen it .its time for the people to take actions.

  14. Mbaie hayung jua banar kurapak biskamu ani eyh..baik plg behamput ni sampai merancit. Nyaman lagi..

  15. Just thinking out the box . I believe if they do a big school campaign with the younger children on drugs and point them in the direction to being in law in force meant to get rid of the corruption. You have to start with the youngens and show them that deaths on the streets is not normal. Good luck Mexico

  16. It's the politicians' fault in the first place

  17. Legalise all Drugs so people can make up there own mind if they choose to eat sugar or smoke weed or snort coke , war on drugs will never end Innocent human being killed Over Drugs and extortion , Let people take what they like and if anyone kills a innocent human being should be Death Penatly straight away.

  18. The people to wack are the elite and the terrorists for training these cartel members. People need to defend themselves.

  19. So the cartels are the govt. Got u. It is what it is when americans are getting high at record rates.

  20. Mexican article 10 is the same as 2nd amendment. Yes Mexican citizens may own certain guns not designated for military.

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