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UFO Over Maya Pyramids on Birthday of Victoria Unikel

UFO Over Maya Pyramids on Birthday of Victoria Unikel

Happy Birthday from UFO to Victoria Unikel in Cancun pyramids

Victoria Unikel, producer, and entertainment media magnate was celebrating her birthday on October 30 in Cancun, Mexico, where she went to escape from her celebrity life in Florida and to take part in three Mayan rituals. She participated in a shaman led Temazcal ceremony and submerged in three Cenotes and in three rivers, holy places for the Maya people. 

She had no idea that she would see the UFOs when and where she did, but this being the Chichén Itza pyramids holy ruins, she should not have been surprised.

Original and zoomed-in slow-motion video. The original video has not been modified in any way.

Right on her birthday, October 30th, she accidentally recorded a video of two UFOs flying over the Mayan Chichén Itza pyramids in Mexico. As she was recording video of the main pyramid, two objects flashed across the sky, but Victoria wasn’t even aware of this until later that evening, when she was scrolling through her videos. The objects appear to be traveling so fast that they crossed the sky in a matter of several frames of video.

It just so happened that Victoria and her husband were discussing her knowledge of the Maya that she received while under a channeling trance years ago, which contradicts the accepted wisdom about the origins of the Maya.

Her husband, an FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) consultant, aerospace engineer, and CEO of Edison Aerospace LLC, Gene Avakyan, carefully watched the video and ran some calculations of the UFO’s possible speed based on assumptions about its length and distance traveled since we do not know the objects’ true size – the information below was provided by him:

There is one calculation based on the assumption that it is 5m in length, and the other assuming it to be 10m in length:

Time between frames: 30 fps = 1/30 sec = .0333 sec

Number of lengths of the object that it appears to travel between frames: 26

If object is 5M long:

(26 lengths)*(5m per length) / (.0333 sec) = 3,903 m/s = 8,730 mph = Mach 11.4

If object is 10M long:

(26 lengths)*(10m per length) / (.0333 sec) = 7,807 m/s = 17,464 mph = Mach 22

Going with the 5m object size estimate, its speed is 6,717 mph, or Mach 8.7, a speed no man-made object has attained in level flight. For comparison, the fastest manned plane was the X-15 rocket-powered test plane that flew at 4,520 mph (Mach 6.72), and that was at a very high altitude of over 300,000 feet where the air resistance is far lower than near sea level.

Victoria interpreted this sighting as a sign that she must share the visions she has been keeping private for so many years.

“Many years ago, I went under a channeling trance several times over a period of two months, during which time many amazing revelations were made to me, as if dictated by a far-away voice. I always wanted to share what I saw, as it has relevance to mankind’s future, but thought that the information was far too explosive to share with the world. So much of what I learned goes against the teachings of the major religions and reveals the missing links in our evolutionary that I feared to reveal it. Maybe I will expose some of what I learned soon, however,” said Victoria. 

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