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The Government of Mexico will conduct a responsible, humane and feminist foreign policy: Alicia Bárcena

The Government of Mexico will conduct a responsible, humane and feminist foreign policy: Alicia Bárcena

Foreign Secretary Alicia Bárcena met today at the Foreign Ministry with the heads of embassies and international organizations accredited in Mexico.

During the meeting, she highlighted the “extraordinary diplomatic work done in the Foreign Ministry to strengthen Mexico’s political dialogue, cooperation and economic exchange with all of the regions of the world.” She also reaffirmed her commitment to “conducting a responsible, more humane and feminist foreign policy, in order to advance the bilateral, regional and multilateral agendas.”

She stressed that Mexico’s priorities include banning nuclear weapons, combating the illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons, eradicating the illegal sale of cultural objects and recovering the cultural heritage of native peoples, as instructed by President López Obrador.

The Secretary said, “Historically, our country has promoted cooperation between States as a tool for building bridges of understanding. The current situation requires us to promote diplomacy and negotiation as the best way to guarantee peace and stability.”

She said that Mexico has established priorities for each of the world’s regions in order to strengthen its ties of friendship and understanding. In Latin America and the Caribbean, she highlighted the Constitutive Agreement of the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE), and said that Mexico would continue to promote an approach to migration that addresses its root causes, and focuses on development in its countries of origin.

In North America, priority will be given to protecting the Mexicans who live mainly in the United States. In Europe, she highlighted the Global Agreement with the European Union, which is currently being modernized.

Regarding the Asia-Pacific region, she said that six of Mexico’s ten main trading partners belong to this area and that Mexico will continue to open new diplomatic representations in Central Asia.

In the Middle East, Mexico will continue its political dialogue to strengthen the cultural, commercial and financial exchanges. And, in Africa, Mexico will seek to strengthen relations to combat inequality and poverty.

Lastly, the Foreign Secretary reiterated that Mexico values the contribution of the United Nations and the G20 to making global governance more effective, and is committed to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.






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