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Spanglish Movies brings a strong offering to MipCancun across the content value chain

Spanglish Movies brings a strong offering to MipCancun across the content value chain


Spanglish Movies packs to MipCancun: unique IPs, fiscal credits, +1000 hs for SVOD and AVOD, FAST operation capabilities, and advertising demand for FAST/ipTV.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spanglish Movies has added new business units to expand its core areas of business. These new units add value independently to each piece of the content value chain. The company has been focusing on developing FAST channels that have a global reach, featuring a combination of exclusive and previously successful content. To support these channels, Spanglish Movies utilizes a data-driven approach and has secured robust content and distribution deals. As Co-Founder of the FAST Alliance, Spanglish is also responsible for taking the concerns of international FAST Channel publishers to the negotiation table with PlayOut Services and OTTs.

Additionally, the company recently acquired the largest catalog of Caribbean premium content, securing exclusive access to the +16M Caribbean diaspora in the East Coast. Led by CEO and founder Gustavo R. Aparicio, the company is thrilled to work with producing partners from Caribbean Cinemas to Juan Luis Guerra, to the World Wresting Council, theatrical chains including Regal, AMC, and National Amusements, SVOD platforms such as Vix+, AVOD streamers such as Pluto and Tubi, and Connected TV advertisers such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Claro.

Miami-based Spanglish Movies is since 2014 a leading distributor of Spanish spoken blockbusters that are highly tailored to specific diasporas and geos looking to secure cinemas with top BOR/screen. The company has expanded since 2020 beyond feel-good big screen releases as it prepares to head to Cancun with a new slate of content for SVOD and AVOD/FAST, added value operations for Original executives, cable operators, and content publishers.

Gustavo R. Aparicio, the CEO and founder, emphasized our commitment to enhancing the entire content value chain, from pre-production to advertising revenues, as a key element of our long-term growth strategy. He expressed enthusiasm not only for the positive feedback on Colao 2 from test screenings but also for our unique IPs, the lineup of premium films for SVODs, and our top-tier adtech platform for AVOD/ipTV Hispanic inventory. Aparicio encouraged executives responsible for various aspects of content production, licensing, and OTT monetization to meet with us at MipCancun and explore whether our offerings can add value to their businesses.

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