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Solar Edge Pros Partners with Aptos Solar Technologies

Solar Edge Pros Partners with Aptos Solar Technologies

SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, June 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The San Antonio solar market is experiencing significant expansion as an increasing number of first-time home buyers seek to cut energy costs and contribute to environmental sustainability. Despite a broader slowdown in home purchasing, the city reported a notable 39% rise in new home acquisitions in 2023, as per data from the San Antonio Express News. This trend appears poised to continue into 2024, bolstered by lowering interest rates that enhance affordability for both home ownership and solar financing.

Amidst these favorable conditions, Solar Edge Pros stands out as a resilient player in the solar installation sector. Established in 2005, the company has persevered through industry challenges by maintaining a steadfast commitment to offering the best products at the best prices. Today, Solar Edge Pros reaffirms this commitment through a strategic partnership with Aptos, a prominent San Antonio-based company specializing in solar panels and microinverters.

The collaboration with Aptos aims to streamline installation processes, minimize system costs, and reduce post-installation maintenance needs. Solar Edge Pros benefits from a direct supply relationship with Aptos, ensuring timely delivery of equipment crucial for efficient project execution. This partnership underscores Solar Edge Pros’ dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction, eliminating delays that can disrupt installation schedules.

Solar Edge Pros has chosen to partner with Aptos solar for panels, including the Aptos DNA1-8-MF10-370W, renowned for their durability and performance throughout their operational lifespan. Additionally Aptos’ MAC 800 and MAC 400 microinverters have higher AC output performance capabilities than competing products. Both of Aptos’ products play a key role in the company’s best product, best price guarantee.

To ensure optimal customer experience, Solar Edge Pros doubled their support team to help future customers understand how their system works and answer any questions that may arise. The company will also continue to provide complimentary system monitoring for all solar panel systems across Texas – including systems installed by other solar companies. This decision to offer this free service to non-customers came after many solar companies went out of business in 2023 leaving homeowners unaware if their solar panels even worked.

“As we expand our partnership with Aptos, we remain committed to upholding our promise of delivering the best products at the best price to our customers,” said David Moore, Director of Marketing at Solar Edge Pros. “Our collaboration not only shortens installation times but also emphasizes our ability to adapt to evolving technological advancements in the solar industry.”

For more information about Solar Edge Pros, visit their website at www.solaredgepros.com.

About Solar Edge Pros:

Founded in 2005, Solar Edge Pros has established itself as a leading provider of solar installation services for residential and commercial properties in San Antonio and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Solar Edge Pros continues to innovate in the solar energy sector.

About Aptos Solar Technology:

Aptos consists of a team with decades of solar industry experience across the solar value chain. Third-party tested to exceed industry standards, their solar panels are optimized with their patented Dual nano Absorber (DNA) technology and come equipped with a 30-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty.

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