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MyOr Diagnostics Brings Together a Network of Nutrition Experts to Educate Parents on Food Allergy Nutrition Strategies

MyOr Diagnostics Brings Together a Network of Nutrition Experts to Educate Parents on Food Allergy Nutrition Strategies

Network of Nutrition Experts Brought Together by MyOr Diagnostics in Mexico

MyOr Unites a Nationwide Network of Expert Nutritionists to Empower Parents with Innovative Tools, Nutrition Strategies and Comprehensive Solutions for Infants

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, October 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — MyOr Diagnostics is proud to announce the expansion of its network of nutritionists to 20 different states across Mexico. This signifies the beginning of a promising future in pediatric health in Mexico, with a new country-wide network of nutritionists, ready to utilize evidence-based solutions to build a healthier future for little ones. This extensive network ensures that families in every state can access expert guidance and support to safeguard their babies against food allergies and atopic dermatitis, utilizing MyOr’s cutting-edge technology through the MyorCare platform.

MyOr affiliated nutritionists gathered together in Mexico City on October 14 to address the challenges associated with atopic dermatitis and food allergies in babies, an issue of paramount importance in pediatric health. Food allergy is a disabling chronic condition, with a staggering 300% rise in prevalence in the past 2 decades, especially in children. Similarly, atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a persistent, debilitating skin disease that affects up to 20% of children, with rates rising among the pediatric population. MyOr Diagnostics is driven to propel food allergy and eczema care through the power of predictive analytics and preventive solutions, catalysing a shift from reactive to proactive care. This approach carries the potential to revolutionize these health industries, eliminating the need for invasive, expensive, or painful tests and treatments. After successfully completing an intensive training course, the group is now equipped with the knowledge and expertise to reduce the risk of atopic dermatitis and food allergies in infants. The culmination of this intensive training enables the new allergy education specialists to employ MyOr’s groundbreaking predictive algorithms in their mission to combat food allergy and eczema and improve infant nutrition.

This workshop featured a distinguished lineup of experts who trained the participants through rigorous educational programming and shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of infant nutrition.

Notable personalities included:
Dr. Ariel Katz, the visionary CEO of MyOr Diagnostics, who warmly welcomed attendees and steered them through the MyorCare journey.
Dr. Tania Aguilar, Director of Scientific Communications at MyOr Mexico, who unveiled cutting-edge research findings conducted by MyOr’s scientific team.
Alex Souza, renowned entrepreneur, and the founder of Pixza, who inspired the audience with his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.
Leticia Trevino, General Manager at MyOr Mexico, who demonstrated the immense potential of digital health and how it can revolutionize infant nutrition through digital platforms.

MyOr’s platform, MyorCare, is unique in producing the only risk assessment tool that predicts food allergy and eczema occurrence in healthy newborns before any sign or symptom. Utilizing our advanced and innovative AI algorithm, we can precisely determine whether an infant is high risk or low risk for these conditions. Further, when a child is at-risk, we provide valuable consultations and evidence-based resources and practices for reducing that child’s risk, as well as access to personally tailored consumer products to prevent the condition’s development. MyOr commercializes food allergy prediction algorithms via the MyorCare platform, provided to our nutritionists, and now allergy education specialists, that serve to mitigate this risk in infants.

MyOr Diagnostics extends its gratitude to all the participants for their enthusiasm and unwavering dedication. Together, we are forging a path towards improved nutrition and a healthier future for infants and children throughout Mexico.

For more information about MyOr Diagnostics and its innovative solutions, please visit www.myorcare.com or contact [email protected].

About MyOr Diagnostics: MyOr Diagnostics is a pioneering leader in preventative health, developing noninvasive monitoring technologies to bring health solutions to infants and children using data-driven artificial intelligence to predict and prevent chronic pediatric conditions. MyOr has developed a cutting-edge AI-driven platform which is the first and only solution to predict and mitigate risk for food allergies and related conditions in infants. We are able to predict the risk as early as the mom’s pregnancy and can therefore implement tailor made interventions to reduce its occurrence. With a dedicated team of experts and innovative technologies, MyOr’s allergy education specialists promote evidence-based knowledge and infant nutrition practices that can lead to prevention. MyOr is committed to improving health outcomes empowering healthcare providers and caregivers with personalized solutions to eliminate preventable conditions, in turn, creating a healthier future for children worldwide.

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