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Market to Market Riviera Maya promotes the Luxury Mexican Real Estate sector to North American Real Estate Leaders

Market to Market Riviera Maya promotes the Luxury Mexican Real Estate sector to North American Real Estate Leaders

Market to Market Riviera Maya By Sueyin Agelvis

Sueyin Agelvis Luxury Real Estate Agency Mexico

Sueyin Agelvis Luxury Real Estate Agency Mexico

The combined investment potential of attendees at the ‘Market to Market Riviera Maya’ sessions by Sueyin Agelvis amounts to an estimated $150 million.

LONDON, ENGLAND, GREAT BRITAIN, March 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The luxury real estate sector of the United States is now closer to Mexico thanks to the recent celebration of the professional sessions Market to Market Riviera Maya, organized by the Luxury Real Estate Agency Sueyin Agelvis (KW Luxury Mexico).

With the dual objective of showcasing real estate investment opportunities in the Riviera Maya – territory where Sueyin Agelvis ‘The Master Broker’ operates – and, in parallel, connecting international professionals and companies in the Luxury Real Estate segment, Market to Market Riviera Maya is part of an ambitious plan of actions promoted by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in collaboration with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) of the United States, with the joint challenge of invigorating and promoting global real estate businesses in potential markets in various areas of Mexico.

Luxury value proposition of the Riviera Maya and investment opportunities in the form of unique developments: Corasol, SIMCA, GIADA DEVELOPERS, GRUPO TM, Tulum Country Club, and Tulum 101.

The Riviera Maya is a unique territory worldwide in many aspects that offers great opportunities to high net worth investors from the United States.

In this sense, attendees had the opportunity to identify, firsthand, the most exclusive Master Condominiums in the Riviera Maya such as Corasol in Playa del Carmen, with real estate developments in marketing such as Mareazul, The Village, La Escondida, Punta Laguna, Palm Village, Costa Residences, and hotel and mixed-use Macrolots available.

$150 million estimated investment potential

During the course of Market to Market Riviera Maya, attendees – from North American cities such as Houston (Texas) and Denver (Colorado) – participated in quality networking dynamics that allowed them to interact and generate synergies that could materialize in regular cooperations aimed at expanding the foreign capital real estate business in the State of Quintana Roo estimated at $150 million.

Opportunities for North American investors in the Riviera Maya

As the organizer of the sessions and a specialist in luxury real estate in the Riviera Maya and Mexico, Sueyin Agelvis, ‘The Master Broker’, delivered a series of private presentations during which she provided attendees with valuable information, data, and references on the luxury real estate market in the Riviera Maya and on the current opportunities in this territory, especially those that best fit the North American investor potential in general and the Texan investor in particular.

Top-Level Attendees

Market to Market Riviera Maya by Sueyin Agelvis has had the participation of 4 real estate entrepreneurs with international certifications in real estate (CIPS and ABR) and members of the Global Committee in the cities of Houston and Denver, specializing in residential: Marysol Calvillo and – with specializations in Commercial Luxury & High End Residential -, Jacqui Narro, Adrian Espinoza, and Spencer Hoo.

Persons in the ‘photo 1’ (from left to right): Sueyin Agelvis, Adrian Espinoza, Maria Fernanda Farrera, Marysol Calvillo, Jacqui Narro

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