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In Mumbai, India, Foreign Secretary Ebrard inaugurates the first consulate focused on innovation and investment in science and technology

In Mumbai, India, Foreign Secretary Ebrard inaugurates the first consulate focused on innovation and investment in science and technology

  • Mumbai is known as the financial center of India, and is home to major corporations, and pharmaceutical and entertainment companies.

Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard today inaugurated the Mexican Consulate in Mumbai to boost relations with Indian business executives in the health, entertainment, textile and agri-food sectors, among others.

Before an audience of Indian diplomats and business executives, the Foreign Secretary said, “The relationship between Mexico and India is closer than ever today for various reasons: the geopolitical similarities of our positions in the world, the economic and investment growth between our countries, and the desire of Prime Minister Modi and President López Obrador to strengthen our relationship.”

“A year ago we announced this consulate. It is the first consulate focused on innovation, investment in science and technology and finance,” said the Mexican Foreign Secretary.  

Mumbai is India’s financial center, and home to the country’s major insurance and entertainment companies.  It is the capital of the state of Maharashtra, the third largest and most urbanized in the country and the best connected to the main markets, both domestic and abroad.

The opening of this consulate will allow Mexico to extend its economic ties and promote initiatives in thriving sectors, such as textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and agri-food, among many others. In addition, the new consulate will serve as a platform for economic promotion in central and southern India.  

Mumbai is home to leading companies in the health sector, such as ImmunoACT, which the Foreign Secretary recently visited, and which symbolizes the joint commitment of Mexico and India to face together some of our health challenges with direct benefits for Mexican society.

There are currently about 50 consular offices in Mumbai, including three Latin American ones: Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Starting today, Mexico will contribute to increasing the presence of Latin America there. 

As of September 2020, the state of Maharashtra had attracted more than USD10.8 billion in foreign direct investment and ranked first in export capacity.

Consular protection and services

It is of great importance to the Mexican community to now have a consular office in Mumbai that will provide consular assistance and services, including documentation.  It will also issue visas to Indian citizens traveling to Mexico for business, tourism and studies.

Foreign Secretary Ebrard reiterated his gratitude to the authorities who made the opening of the Consulate in Mumbai possible: “Thank you for the support of the state government and national government of India,” as well as that of Mexico’s ambassador to India, Federico Salas, and the new Mumbai consul, Adolfo García.







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