Local Music Group Preforming During Miami Music Week – NBC 6 South Florida

Local Music Group Preforming During Miami Music Week – NBC 6 South Florida

This week marks a marathon of electric dance music events across South Florida with Miami Music Week.

The signature event is the Ultra Music Festival, but there are dozens of other events and hundreds of artists preforming around South Florida. There’s one local group that’s gaining worldwide attention for its unique Afro-Electric Beats.  

The Miami music group Paperwater is comprised of two members, Daygee Kwia and Eddy Samy. The two have been friends since high school, producing music during lunchtime.

“We all got thrown in this Daygee mission of making beats,” Samy said.  

Focused on creating unique sounds leaning on their 305 roots, the duo eventually created Paperwater. Their music is an eclectic collection of Afro-Caribbean electro beats with their latest album entitled “BEM”, which stand for Black Electronic Music.   

“I would love for people to be way more open minded when they listen to us as a people – and how far we are trying to take it,” Kwia said.

People have been listening, included the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who recently collaborated with the two for a special project.  Their music was also featured on Spotify’s Editorial playlist called Runway.   

During Miami Music Week, Paperwater will perform at a number of venues in Miami from Midtown to the Soho Beach Club.  The duo is also hosting another event and panel discussion this weekend at the PS Social in Wynwood.

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