Sunday, September 26, 2021

Letters to the editor for Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Representative’s threat out of line

When did it become okay for a member of the Florida House to threaten the employee of a board of elected constitutional officers? How does a member of the Florida House get to direct the governor or the governor’s administrative arm (DOE) to take action against that employee? If a member of the Florida House has a law degree, (s)he should be aware that only the school board may terminate the employment of a superintendent.

Cathleen Morgan, Bonita Springs

Not convinced by dissatisfied Republican letters

Looks like we’ve got a Letter-to-the-Editor campaign on the left to write letters pretending to be dissatisfied Republicans.

Do you truly not understand the legislation proposed to prevent mail-in ballot harvesting by the left or are you intentionally twisting the facts? You would have a very difficult time explaining how this disenfranchises voters when the whole purpose is to simplify voting procedures to prevent cheating. (Many mail-in ballot rules were illegally implemented at the last minute in the 2020 election by Democrats.) Your ilk also has a strong aversion to voter ID. We all know ID’s are required in everyday life EVERYWHERE.

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