Lee County identifies water line break in Fort Myers Beach | News, Sports, Jobs – FORT MYERS

Lee County Utilities identified a drinking water line break on Fort Myers Beach, Lee County Government confirmed on Friday.

Lee County Government spokesperson Timothy Engstrom said Lee County Utilities “has been working with the Fort Myers Beach staff to isolate and relocated it to avoid future leaks. There have been no interruptions or impacts to customer services. The damaged line is located in the bay near Moss Marina. It appears it was damaged by a vessel dragging over it during low tide. We anticipate the new line will be operational by April 30.”

The leak is from one of two service lines Lee County Utilities uses to supply drinking water to Fort Myers Beach. Lee County Utilities has been assessing and working on a solution since at least March 30.

Neither town or county officials have provided any indications that the town’s drinking water is at risk.

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