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Leading Group Travel Brand, Aventura World, Sees Trend Toward Strong Q4 International and Domestic Group Travel

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Aventura World is thrilled to see an increase in requests for domestic travel as well as interest in international destinations like Greece

We have heard from travelers and their travel planners alike that starting to make their next travel adventure helps promote a feeling of hope and positivity…People want to get 2021 underway in an upbeat way – planning for amazing travels far beyond than their 2020 trips to the supermarket

Leading group travel brand, Aventura World, today announced a marked increase in travel demand and trend toward strong Q4 International and Domestic group travel for 2021.

“With the widespread roll-out of vaccines and flexible change policies abundant across the travel landscape, travel confidence seems to be moving in a positive direction,” said Ian Scott, General Manager of Aventura World.

As a specialist in affinity group travel, association group travel, and general group travel, Aventura World is seeing a boost in call volume with inquiries and bookings for travel in the fall of 2021. Further, Aventura World is experiencing an increase in the number of people registering for the company’s virtual webinars to learn about trips departing in the fall of 2021. Many of the brand’s recent webinars have even superseded pre-Covid-19 attendance records.

“We have heard from travelers and their travel planners alike that starting to make their next travel adventure helps promote a feeling of hope and positivity for the future. They are thrilled that the freedom of travel is coming back,” said Scott. Let’s face it…people are all a bit tired of staying home, many have learned their fill of new DIY skills like bread-baking and candle-making; and most have binge-watched just about everything on TV and via streaming channels. People want to get 2021 underway in an upbeat way – planning for amazing travels far beyond than their 2020 trips to the supermarket.”

The past 12-months has offered limited travel opportunities and created a pent-up demand that travelers are longing to fulfill. So where are travelers seeking to vacation? The interesting finding is that preferred destinations for travel this year greatly varied, based on current inquiries. Based on an analysis of travel requests received at Aventura World, people now more than ever are seeking fresh air, wide open spaces, and warm weather.

“We are thrilled to see inquiries for international destinations like Greece, Egypt, Iceland, and Turkey. As well, and in line with dozens of research findings, we are also enjoying and increase in demand for travel in the United States to outdoor places, like national parks, as well as to intriguing destinations, such as South Dakota and California’s wine country. These destinations are booking exceptionally well,” said Scott.

Aventura World prides itself on taking group travelers into the most popular destinations as well as off-the-beaten path places; to have meaningful exchanges with local people; to savor the culinary flavors of each region explored; to get to know each area’s customs and traditions; to live old world treasures, antiquities, and modern day musings at every turn; and to delve into the arts via experiences that become memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

The company is pleased to offer value-added extras that make doing business with Aventura World easy and more profitable for group travel planners and leaders, and organizations that promote group travel including: sales and marketing support, seamless service via the company’s experienced and well-traveled Operations and Reservations departments, an easy-to-use group booking engine for each group’s travelers, Accounting functions for participant payments, comprehensive program operations, and the highest level of customer care every step of the way.

To contact Aventura World or to request additional information, call: 888.482.5887, select option 1 or email: info@aventuraworld.com.

About Aventura World

A valued leader in the US group travel marketplace since 1972, Aventura World is a distinctive travel company focused on elevating group travel beyond traditional sightseeing to delivering culturally rich, interactive, and in-depth destination experiences each and every time. The company is known for providing excellent client service, destination expertise, and meticulously planned tour and travel packages. As part of Aventura World’s international awareness program, the group travel brand presents travelers with a unique “insiders” perspective and provides enriching moments that bring each destination to life. Backed by the strength of Sakkara Group International, Aventura World offers the reliability and security that its clients are booking and traveling with a strong, long-established, robust group tour operator with a time-honored history as well as an ongoing commitment to providing the best in travel. For additional details, visit AventuraWorld.com.

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