Is Moving to Panama Right For Me? What about Investing in Panama?

Are you thinking about moving to Panama or investing in Panama? Because you’ll want to make sure you have the right reasons for doing so. Living in Panama and other places in Latin America is no small thing. And it can be amazing, or it can be a disaster. But fortunately, this video has the answers to whether moving to Panama is right for you.

Today, on Renegade News.

00:00 Lifestyle Investments in Panama
00:15 What is a Lifestyle Investment
00:30 Top 5 Places for Canadian and US Retirees
01:30 Reasons People Move to Panama
02:00 Questions to Ask About Your Future in Panama
02:20 Things That Make You Nervous About Panama
03:37 Reasons People Move to Panama
06:10 Options for Living in Panama
07:00 Shopping in Panama
07:30 Panama Retirement Benefits

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