Heavy Rain in Florida Brings Floods to Miami!! 🇺🇸 (June 04, 2022)

Heavy Rain in Florida Brings Floods to Miami!! 🇺🇸 (June 04, 2022)

Heavy Rain in Florida Brings Floods to Miami!! June 04, 2022 #flood #Miami #flooding #floods #Miamiweather #usweather …

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40 thoughts on “Heavy Rain in Florida Brings Floods to Miami!! 🇺🇸 (June 04, 2022)

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  3. It's no different up north here when there's an impending snow storm. People will stock up on groceries and gas then hunker down. The media will tell you not to go anywhere unless you absolutely have to. Being the weekend I'm sure there was no reason to go anywhere for most people. Best thing to do is stay home until things are clear. It's just common sense.

  4. All the religious nut job's it's not your fake God doing this , we are about years away from a full magnetic pole reversal.
    Look it up , planet's been doing since since it created a magnetophere and will be doing long after your fake religion is forgotten.

  5. I wonder how a electric vehicle would hold up going through the water like that I’m very very skeptical about the reliability but optimistic that they wouldn’t die going through flood waters like a gas powered vehicle will if you don’t have a snorkel installed on it

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  7. Where was y'alls fruitless governor when this happened uh didn't see him out there making worthless speeches as usual

  8. When i hear its gonna rain and flood really bad……….the first thing i think about is going out for a sunday cruise in my 2021 corvette………..makes sense…….

  9. My husband:
    "Wow…. That corvette came out the water like it was coming out the bat cave."

  10. All that water and no water management , should all be collected and piped to where it is needed , there will be a hose pipe ban within 7 days I bet hahahahaha

  11. They should incorporate that Corvette going through water into a commercial it would sell itself

  12. god don't like all the mishate ,mis treatment,and greed so he showing people who really in charge 06/5/2022.💯💯🙏 those who had things handle to them so easily bye taking from other what it like to be homeless and less fortunate 💯💯.

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  14. Here in Melbourne area (east of Orlando), all we got was a light rain and almost no wind.

  15. wow, and we just bought airline tickets to Orlando (Disney) and then driving to Tampa, Sarasota and Miami. I hope it will dry? Hopefully, I don't have to stay in hotels all our vacation

  16. Maybe the Corvette was specially modified to go under water. If not he or she will pay the price later.

  17. HAPPY swimming ISN'T ! GOING TO play football on thé beach – ball –

  18. That Corvette going through the high water is stupid INSANE!! I'm not a 'Vet person, but I give mad props.

  19. Flooding in paradise, oh no. I better hurry and jack up my home price to sell, sell, sell. Not a great place to commute to work in a low -slung super car. Wait, pretty sure people with cars like that don't work. That shot was amazing tho.

  20. Great video! What is the link for the Corvette going through deep water?


  22. Thank you for this information.

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