"Global Embarrassment": Mexico & More Skip Biden's Summit of Americas for Excluding Cuba, Venezuela

"Global Embarrassment": Mexico & More Skip Biden's Summit of Americas for Excluding Cuba, Venezuela

Top leaders from Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are all absent from the ninth Summit of the Americas in …

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43 thoughts on “"Global Embarrassment": Mexico & More Skip Biden's Summit of Americas for Excluding Cuba, Venezuela

  1. Wonderful to see & hear the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, Brazil and Amazon; Indigenous peoples are the world's target as they represent no resource thefts from the alive and our children's future. Integrity rich truth telling-Bolsanaero is another of the Sewer Rat pack.

  2. Well, at least we know where most of the bad guys are!

  3. I love one thing. When people migrate to USA, Australia and Europe, the countries that has put sanctions on them. You cause the problem. Handle it. ✊🏾 People must rise against evil sanctions. You cannot dictate governments upon people and make them suffer for not choosing the person or governing part you favour. The reason behind China getting ground is because it doesn't enforce its way upon other nations. It respects whatever government and economic system which has been chosen by the nation they do business with. Capitalism must be accepted by choice. This capitalism democracy advocated by USA has proven to only benefit USA and its corporation. We who are growing up in the South have first hand experience. You westerners continue to accept your governments propaganda. Truth from us, you are made to think it propaganda and lies. You rather believe USA and other western agencies. Your fake NGO's that have no impact on our lives. Instead you rejoice in our suffering. How wicked are you. You have no morals campus. Thanks to the westerners and media outlets as yourself democracy now. Continue to advocate the truth. US citizens please stand up for Assange, stop being quiet while your government is continuously committing war crimes against other nations.

  4. Why do we have a senile president of the USA. He's obviously a puppet

  5. Mr Rivero is right about Mexico having the most mass graves in all of the americas and i would say the world BUT he and most others misses the point of why Mexico has that horrible record and that is because of their hideous background. The cartel members in Mexico are what one would call them narco satanists who worshippes santa muerte who is a aztec deity of death who is very popular among the working class in all of Mexico. She demands sacrifices in form of animals and humans so that is why Mexico has turned into a warzone from hell because santa muerte is hungry and she wants her goodies to be served on a silver plate today.

  6. we will not be at peace untill all are encluded !!!!!!! Lets make peace NOT war !!!!!!~!! Peace & Love to all = No exceptions !!!! <3 I'm sooooo sick of polititions selling out to the highest bidder !!!!!! Money can NOT ! rule "DIVINE CREATOR" is unconditional Love = and we are the children come to do our part evolving to a Higher state of "BEING" LOVE & LIGHT + ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!

  7. 1) "National" Ukraine was destroyed by Ukraine neo Nazis
    and NATO in 2014 coup. Present
    "Ukraine" is self reduced W,
    Central, and NATO

  8. 1) "National" Ukraine was destroyed by Ukraine neo Nazis
    and NATO in 2014 coup. Present
    "Ukraine" is self reduced to only W,
    Central, and NATO regions, vs ethnic Russian E and S
    2) Often politics trumps
    ethnicity and nationality.
    No matter how European
    an ex S or ex E Ukaranian
    looks, once US or NATO
    identifies them, those 2
    would harass or oppress
    them any way possible!

  9. Trump was a TERRIBLE President….. Biden, is the MOST PATHETIC President…….If he doesn't straighten up and fly right, he will contininue to loose respect all around the world, and the country……..Trump will be able to make an easy re entry into the Oval Office, after Biden steps down, and if he seeks relection, he will not be able to beat Trump, either…THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE…

  10. Those of us who lost relatives and friends during the subversive criminal activities of the USA imperialism in Latin America are still waiting for apologies. However instead of an approach to heal the wounds the decadent USA policies in the continent have little or no changes. Yankees go home we are not your backyard neither your front yard. We do not want anything to do with a government who is jeopardizing our hemisphere and world peace with aggressive war mongering adventures supporting Neonazis, mercenaries and fascists

  11. From a perspective of Latin America, if they must borrow better to borrow from a lender who does not slap on conditions and interferes, directs, mishandles, and takes back more, what borrowers do with the money and what outcomes of that money are. The US and its World Bank is not the lender of choice. The choice lender is China.

    World market is reconfigured, been re-shaped by the presence of a competitor to the US. The tide of growing multiplex of trade relations between China, Russia, Asia and Latin America including Africa are not societies exposed to wars and other political disturbances the extent American society is exposed to wars and political crisis that impact its fluctuations in the business cycle.

  12. all those people do not want to get into the united states they just got hire to create confusion there are many political interest and there are many people that make plenty of money keeping things the way they are.

  13. The world has gone Mad. I going to stick my head in the sand and wait for someone to kick me in the ass.

  14. What's the point of continuing these summits if they accomplish nothing?? Why send $$ to these counties if it won't be used correctly ?? Cuba isn't part of the Americas.

  15. 80 perfect of these folks are escaping Socialism in their country. Definitely don't want people coming to America from Cuba and Venezuela who know what communism my bad socialism really is.

  16. This what some people voted for….🤔😳

  17. Yesterday Britain today America tomorrow is coming soon

  18. Countries whose governments are dictatorships should not be invited to any democratic meeting and governments that support dictatorships are complicit. Greetings from Spain. 🇪🇸

  19. Well, this "Democracy Now" channel is a joke, the bottom rock problem is that the presidents invited to the Summit of the Americas must stick to the principles previously stablished, like… been a democratic country.
    Now, these countries' presidents weren't invited to the Summit because some were either full out dictators, like Cuba's "president" Díaz-Canel, whereas others were half way between autocrats and dictators, like Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro or Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega and there are others who are showing early signs of authoritarism, even though for now they seem to be supported by the majority of the population, like El Salvador's Nayyib Bukele.
    So, is it wrong to not to invite some presidents because they don't reach the requirements stablished to be part of a club (essentially been a democracy). Well, no!! Those are the rules and if they don't like them then they are free to go somewhere else. Let alone men like Maduro or Ortega have nothing to bring to the table since they ruined their countries.
    There is a solution for that though and it would be to abolish the "democratic clause" that exists in many hemispheric organizations and thus all leaders could be invited regardless if they are democratic or dictators, leftists or rightists.
    And if dictators don't like to not to be invited that shouldn't be a problem either, Hugo Chavez created his own version of the OAS called the ALBA where all the authoritarian-dictatorial left wing regimes in the New World can join forces against the Free World, if you probably never heard of it it's probably because it's simply irrelevant since in essence is just a club for dictators or Caribbean islands who became economically-dependent on Caracas when oil prices were booming and Venezuela was "rich".
    Still the fact this channel is called "Democracy Now" while promoting dictatorships gives you an idea about the amount of lies and deceits they are broadcasting.

  20. Since Biden took office, seem like every country is turning on the USA. No major ally on our side. America is on a spiral of doom.

  21. Mexico did not boycott the Summit, Mexico sent a delegation headed by the Foreign Relations Minister, Marcelo Salas, who is de facto 2nd in command in Mexico, and one probable candidate of the majoritarian Party to the Presidency.

  22. The US has been destabilizing South America with coop's and regime change for ever and replacing them with corrupt leaders for their own interest. This migration is a direct result of those policies.

  23. I'm pretty sure the US meant " submit " instead of summmit.

  24. Europeans got here on ships, but
    AMERICANS can walk thrue the border.
    born in the united states won't make you a NATIVE FROM AMERICA.

  25. They all are nasty criminals filing sorry for USA😔😔😔😔

  26. So these people really think they are entitled to just cross the bridge and settle in another country? They are comparing them selves with Ukrainians migrating whom were displaced by the War. Get a better argument! We don’t have money to improve the lives of our children here but we’re giving billions of dollars to others that are just going to put it in the pocket of their rich friends and families

  27. That's a great idea 💡, let's help the people so they can manufacture everything that we bring from China 🇨🇳, we could save a lot of $ in a long run!



  30. Let's start clarifying some points 👉🏻
    America is not USA..,🤫
    America is the whole continent.☝🏻
    North America is not only USA either,🤌🏻
    North America is Canada, Mexico and USA. 👈🏻
    and now, to finish this:
    Americans are not only the USA people, but every citizen from any country from this continent.😉🤘🏻👌🏻🤙🏻👏🏻

  31. It's all by O'Biden's design. Anything he can do to fuck the American people, and our standing around the world!

  32. We are all Americans. North America and South. We need to be united. It is hard though with all the open unregulated space in south America. the best cocaine stews ever are made there and sold world wide illegally. Granted that most of these are not criminals it isn't quite fair to punish them as to not enter or get a visa.

  33. Leftist democrats with their radical socialist agendas have ruined us

  34. Time for all the Americas too stand against the Evil war criminal US and Canada.

  35. so glad latin american is waking up to the usa’s bs and hypocrisy

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