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Zero Cheating Launches Solution to AI-Generated Academic Papers

Zero Cheating Launches Solution to AI-Generated Academic Papers

0% Cheating. 100% Success!

Zero Cheating introduces a revolutionary tool to combat cheating with ChatGPT

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — As AI-generated content increasingly mingles with human efforts, edtech leader Zero Cheating introduces a revolutionary tool to ensure academic integrity. Their patent-pending software discerns student submissions’ origins, guaranteeing genuine academic endeavors.

Diverging from traditional detection tools, Zero Cheating’s AI dives into the creation process, not just the final product. Preliminary trials demonstrated unparalleled efficiency: the software detected 100% of externally-authored papers, including AI outputs, like ChatGPT without any zero false positives.

A pivotal case study on Yale and Military students highlighted:

-42 analyzed papers across varied disciplines.
-24 externally-authored pieces, including AI-generated ones, detected flawlessly.
-All 18 genuinely authored papers were recognized as legitimate.

CEO, Mr. Neil Parsont, remarked, “Our rigorous testing, including trials at prestigious educational institutions, has shown our software to have zero false positives. In a landscape where trust and reliability are paramount, we’re proud to offer a solution that educational institutions can depend on.”

Dr. Sarit Levy, CSBDO at Zero Cheating, added, “Our technology is built on precision and fairness, reinforcing our commitment to academic integrity.”

Extending beyond AI-written content, this tool verifies the authenticity of all academic writing submissions. As digital educational tactics evolve, Zero Cheating leads the charge in promoting academic honesty.

About Zero Cheating:
Leading in edtech, Zero Cheating champions academic integrity, merging advanced technology with a zeal for merit-based achievements. Discover their innovative AI solutions and offerings by visiting Zero Cheating or scheduling a demo for your institution.

Dr. Sarit J. Levy
Zero Cheating
+1 561-502-1978
email us here

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/653113669/zero-cheating-launches-solution-to-ai-generated-academic-papers

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