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In recognition of her unwavering commitment to supporting victims of domestic violence, Senate President Wilton Simpson (R – Trilby) appointed Senator Ileana Garcia (R-Miami) to the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking’s Board of Directors.


“Survivors of domestic violence, and the heroes who work in domestic violence shelters, deserve all the support and compassion we can provide,” said Senator Garcia. “I thank President Simpson for entrusting me to the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking, Board of Directors, and I will continue to advocate for the protection and wellbeing of survivors of domestic violence in both my role as a legislator and a board member.”


The Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking is a non-profit organization that aims to provide funding, support, and leadership to Florida’s statewide effort to end human trafficking. Senator Garcia’s term will begin July 16, 2021, and expire on July 16, 2025.


“I am pleased to appoint Senator Garcia as a member of the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking, Board of Directors. She is a passionate advocate for victims of these horrific crimes and will be a strong voice in the search for solutions,” said Senate President Wilton Simpson (R – Trilby). “The first two bills Senator Garcia sponsored and passed, which are now law, were aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence and the volunteers who serve in domestic violence shelters. She has a strong commitment to help those who have been abused, neglected, and victimized. I know she will serve the Senate and Florida well in this important role.”


During the 2021 Legislative Session, Senator Garcia championed two pieces of key legislation, now law, to enhance protections for victims of domestic violence as well as employees and advocates at domestic violence shelters.


Senate Bill 70 Domestic Violence Centers, signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis on June 16, 2021, makes it a first-degree misdemeanor, or a felony upon a second or subsequent conviction, for any person to maliciously publish, disseminate, or disclose any descriptive information or image that may identify the location of a certified domestic violence center.


Senate Bill 68 Public Records/Staff and Domestic Violence Advocates of Domestic Violence Centers, signed into law by Governor DeSantis on June 4, 2021, exempts from public record the personal information and addresses of DCF domestic violence shelters’ current or former staff, domestic violence advocates, and their families.


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