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Senate Democratic Leader Book & House Democratic Leader Jenne Announce 2022 Legislative Priorities

Senate Democratic Leader Book & House Democratic Leader Jenne Announce 2022 Legislative Priorities

Tallahassee —

Today, at the start of the 2022 Legislative Session, Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book and House Democratic Leader Evan Jenne announced their collective priorities to improve the lives of Floridians through common sense policies focused on the economy, education, safe communities, the health and wellbeing of citizens and the environment. 

“For two decades Republicans have led our state to serve a select few instead of the hard-working Floridians who wake up each day trying to make ends meet and take care of their loved ones,” said Leader Book. “The priorities presented today by the establishment do little to provide tangible support for our citizens but instead rob them of the freedom to better their lives.”

Joined by Democratic leaders from both Chambers, they presented their overarching priorities and bills filed by members that foster real change balancing economic growth with the support families need to be self-sufficient. They both encouraged the media to connect with Democrats to learn more about the proposals.

Today’s priorities reflect the overarching tenets that are critical to Florida’s competitive success. 

A Healthy Florida – Investing in high-quality public education from Pre-Kindergarten through college or trade school. Giving Floridians the freedom to access affordable physical and mental health care while defending reproductive justice. 

A Strong Economy – Building a fair economy that ensures everyone has an equal chance to succeed and earn a living wage. Protecting Florida’s thriving small businesses from government overreach and demands, giving Floridians the freedom to live their own version of the American Dream. 

Environmental Protection – Protecting precious natural resources which bolster Florida’s ecosystems and economies, while confronting climate change with action.

Safe Communities – Fostering safe communities through policies that protect children and families and ensure fairness in the criminal justice system. Protecting every Floridian’s right to live freely as themselves while embracing our state’s diversity as a strength.

Senator Quotes

Senator Loranne Ausley

“I am looking forward to working with my legislative colleagues to make sure that every Floridian has access to high speed internet, and every parent has access to high quality child care so they can get back to work and our youngest kids can get the best start in life.”

Senator Lori Berman

“Florida Democrats are resolute in our approach to this legislative session: we will not allow the political red meat of an election year to overshadow real issues. The culture war antics of this Governor take all the oxygen out of the room and improve no one’s life. We will focus the conversation on public policies that help build a future Floridians can be proud of. Under Republican leadership, the health of our environment has deteriorated. To this end, I’ve sponsored SB 604 to warn the public when our waterways are contaminated, SB 366 to address our climate crisis by requiring utilities to hit 100% renewable energy generation by 2040, and SB 600 to harden our educational facilities that serve as emergency shelters by incentivizing solar energy use and battery storage. The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our generation – we ought to act like it.”

Senator Randolph Bracy

“One way to enrich our communities is to invest more into entities that strive to address cycles of violence and victimization. SB 1188 creates the Community Violence and Intervention Program, a grant program that prioritizes funding to organizations serving communities with disproportionate violence. Our most vulnerable communities deserve organizations who are well equipped to combat issues that impact Floridians collectively; which is why I am honored to carry a bill that will wholly benefit the lives of Florida’s families and move the needle for community safety.”

Senator Janet Cruz

“My priority this year is fighting for insulin affordability. This is a critical issue for Florida’s working families who are forced to ration their insulin or simply go without because of the skyrocketing costs of a nearly 100 year old drug. My Prescription Insulin Drugs bill, SB 678, will cap the price of insulin at $100 a month. We must do better for Floridians and provide them affordable access to the life-saving healthcare that they need.”

Senator Gary Farmer

“Each and every year the Florida Legislature meets, and each and every year they fail to address the gun violence epidemic facing our state. An overwhelming number of Floridians support banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines in Florida, it’s time that the Legislature meet its obligation to the people and provide Floridians with the common sense gun safety reforms (SB 214) that we so desperately need.” 

Senator Tina Polsky

“We have so many pressing issues to fix for Floridians and gun/school safety (SB 1166, SB 1666, and SB 872)  should be at the top of the list. But when it comes to our children, this administration is focusing on manufactured crises rather than the real facts that some children do not come home from school.” 

Senator Bobby Powell

??“Floridians need their state leaders focused on the challenges they face on a daily basis. They want real help for small businesses hammered by the pandemic, real homes at affordable prices, real protection from dangerous environmental threats like algae blooms, and real criminal justice reform in tandem with preserving community safety. This Legislative Session, we are focused, poised and ready to fight on behalf of District 30 and the entire state of Florida.”

Senator Annette Taddeo

“Florida should expand pre-K from three hours a day to a full day.  Research has shown that if we wait until kindergarten to start teaching children basic ABC’s and numbers, it’s too late. Investing in early childhood education will be hugely beneficial to our children’s future and our economy. In addition this will allow parents the ability to work without worrying about the increasing cost of childcare.”

Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr.

“The need to expand affordable housing options for Floridians is a crisis that no longer can be ignored. I support full funding of the Sadowski Housing Trust fund so we can maximize opportunities to build much needed affordable housing units for working families in Florida.”

Originally published at https://www.flsenate.gov/Media/PressReleases/Show/4363

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