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ITXPROS and Cognitronix Launching Three AI-powered Solutions for Dentists in 2024

ITXPROS and Cognitronix Launching Three AI-powered Solutions for Dentists in 2024

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ITXPROS, The Digital Dentistry powerhouse announced the results of their collaboration with Cognitronix -the AI & computer vision-focused startup.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — ITXPROS, LLC
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ITXPROS and Cognitronix Launching Three AI-powered Solutions for Dentists in 2024

The Florida-based Digital Dentistry and Guided surgery powerhouse ITXPROS announced the results of 18 months of collaboration with Cognitronix -the AI & computer vision-focused startup based in Delaware.

As a result of this collaboration, applying generative AI and expert-led machine learning in digital dentistry, ITXPROS and Cognitronix are launching three AI-powered solutions for dentists in 2024.

These solutions are custom-made, leveraging ITXPROS’ vast digital dentistry expertise and Cognitronix’s innovative approaches to machine learning to tackle dentists’ scalability challenges, and boost their productivity.

Single click AI dental implant planning module, analyzing raw CBCT imagery and proposing a truly AI-driven optimal implant treatment plan within seconds.

Clinic patient support and data management; AI fully trained and customizable to potential clients’ knowledge bases presenting the ability to operate in a front-line support role as well as a fully independent point of contact.

Cloud based DICOM viewer; in-browser online DICOM viewer that offers lightning-fast, interactive medical image analysis directly in your browser. It offers enhanced security and privacy as the actual data never leaves the user’s local device. Additional enhancements are also made possible by integrated AI for smarter, faster diagnostics.

Dr. Bassem ElSahhar, COO of ITXPROS said: “This collaboration with Cognitronix is the first of many to come, stemming from our belief that we are here to support the industry, to positively impact the lives of patients, dentists and lab technicians using the latest advancements in machine learning. We believe we’re on the right track and will rapidly be making notable advancements in this domain.

Our close daily interaction with our partners and colleagues (Dental offices and dental laboratories) granted us a unique position where we had access to a virtual window to their operations and workflows, which in turn allowed us to target their most pressing scalability challenges, and to create the tools that would empower them with cutting-edge technologies reducing chair-time and streamlining communication between dentists, dental labs and patients”.

Dr. Mohammad Thabet, PhD, Founder of Cognitronix, commented: “This strategic partnership with ITXPROS represents a significant milestone in the application of artificial intelligence within the field of dentistry. The three solutions we’re introducing are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential. By harnessing the power of AI systems trained on tons of expertly annotated data, we are not only simplifying complex processes but also enhancing the precision and effectiveness of dental treatments. Our ongoing commitment to innovation is deeply aligned with ITXPROS’ dedication to excellence, and together we are set to redefine the standards of dental care. We anticipate that these tools will become indispensable in dental practices, offering professionals state-of-the-art resources to meet the growing demands of modern dentistry”.

For more information about the partnership please visit: http://www.itxpros.com/cognitronix


ITXPROS was founded in 2021 by a team of dentists, engineers and executives with a vast experience in digital dentistry and guided surgery. Based in Tampa Florida and operating nationally, ITXPROS set out to shake foundations and disrupt age-old ideas and techniques. We aspire to make digital dentistry universally accessible and to allow dental professionals to offer their patients a higher standard of care by effortlessly, and affordably, applying state-of-the-art technology to their workflow.

Members of the press may contact our marketing team at: [email protected]

About Cognitronix:

Cognitronix is a Delaware based start-up created with the purpose of harnessing the power of AI to drive efficiency and reduce operational costs. The Cognitronix team utilizes industry expertise and academic research to devise advanced solutions tailored to businesses and individuals. Not just a service provider; Cognitronix seeks to build long term partnerships and is committed to mutual success.

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