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Hemponix Announces Addition of New Warehouse in Lakeland, Florida

Hemponix Announces Addition of New Warehouse in Lakeland, Florida

Renowned Minnesota-based hemp-derived health and wellness company expands its retail footprint on the east coast of the USA

LAKELAND, FLA., UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hemponix, a natural wellness brand specializing in a wide range of hemp and cannabis-derived products, today announced that it is adding a third warehouse in Lakeland, Florida, which is near Tampa. The Lakeland warehouse represents a strategic move by the company to expand its operations to serve customers on the east coast of the United States. The company was already operating two stores in Minnesota, along with a thriving e-commerce platform.

Customers have embraced Hemponix’s hemp and cannabis-derived products for health and lifestyle. The brand focuses on enhancing daily well-being through natural solutions, particularly hemp-based remedies. The company offers customers a diverse selection of products, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids delivered in various forms such as edibles, drinkables, smokables, sublinguals, topicals, capsules and options for pets. Hemponix also features cannabinoids including Delta 8 and Delta 9.

The Florida expansion extends the company’s distribution capabilities, positioning the growth of its customer base in the Southeast region. “We are proud to be opening in Florida,” said Sam Romain, CEO of Hemponix. “Robust customer engagement on the east coast convinced us that the investment in the Lakeland location was worth making.”

Hemponix’s product selection is intended to suit customers’ unique lifestyles. “Whether you want to enhance your daily routine or you are interested in exploring the world of herbal wellness, we invite you to discover new products and experiences through our brick-and-mortar stores or online,” Romain said.

He added, “The Lakeland warehouse also represents an important step for Hemponix in streamlining our operations, reach and efficiency. The expansion is a testament to Hemponix’s commitment to growth and improved customer service in the wellness and cannabis product space.

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis sativa cultivars class. It is typically grown for industrial and consumable uses. Cultivators are able to make many different products from Hemp.

About Sam Romain and Hemponix

Romain is known for his fresh and innovative business approach. Under his leadership, Hemponix has embraced the development of a green and sustainable business with proven wellness solutions. The company is poised to continue expansion as it integrates cutting-edge technologies into its business model.

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