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Eta Space is Fueling Future Exploration with a New Hydrogen Division

Eta Space is Fueling Future Exploration with a New Hydrogen Division

William Notardonato

New Logo

New Logo

ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eta Space, a worldwide leader in cryogenic systems for space applications, has started a hydrogen energy division dedicated to advancing liquid hydrogen technology for the new energy age. This reorganization, including a new tagline and logo is based on a strong demand from commercial customers interested in liquid hydrogen technology unrelated to the space program.

“Our engineers have long been recognized for their expertise with storage and handling of large-scale cryogenic systems for space applications, particularly with liquid hydrogen”, said Justin Doebel, the Business Development Director who is setting up the new Energy division. “We want to leverage that reputation and knowledge to help our government and commercial customers with their transition to cleaner energy systems.”

A prime example of this synergy includes Integrated Refrigeration and Storage (IRAS), a method to eliminate daily boil off losses typical of cryogenic storage systems. IRAS technology, developed to eliminate hydrogen losses during the Space Shuttle program, is now being integrated into the worlds largest LH2 sphere being commissioned at the Kennedy Space Center. Other examples include a novel “green” hydrogen production and liquefaction process originally intended for use at the lunar south pole, and hydrogen servicing hardware that can be used for LH2 powered aircraft and heavy-duty trucks.

The new logo features a circle with the Greek letter Eta orbited by another body. This is a stylized symbol of both the hydrogen molecule, with a nucleus orbited by a single electron, as well as a celestial body being orbited by a spacecraft such as the Cryo-Dock station currently under development. The Greek letter Eta is included to show the focus on ultra-high efficiency. The new tagline, “Fueling Future Exploration”, applies to fueling reusable spacecraft as well as fueling future terrestrial systems to support decarbonization of the transportation sector.

About Eta Space: Founded in 2019 by former NASA and contractor personnel with over 130 years of combined experience in CFM, Eta Space is a technology development company that specializes in applying advanced cryogenic systems to solve critical problems in the new space field and the future hydrogen energy economy. https://etaspace.com

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