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The different economic crisis that the world is going through they are causing a polarization of society. A little over a decade ago, the middle class flourished without great stress or problems. However, with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 nothing has ever been the same. Since then the rich are richer and the poor are poorer, completely decapitating the middle class and sinking economic sectors.

The automotive sector It is one of the most affected and the proof is in its sales. In addition, it has allowed diametrically opposed firms such as Dacia or Bentley take advantage of it. The first for attracting clients with limited resources and the second for represent the most sumptuous luxury. And here is the key to your success: offer what no one else. Thus, it is not strange that they have wrapped the blanket around your head and invited you to live in it. You know how? Attentive.

The Bentley Residences complex will be built in Miami (Florida)

Bentley Residences

Bentley Residences

Easy: Bentley has partnered with Dezer Developmen. And you will ask yourself, what for? Well to design and build a luxury residential complex in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami (Florida – USA). The person in charge of shaping it is the architecture studio Sieger Suarez Architects. This name may not sound familiar to you, but it should, because it has been responsible for creating works of art like the Porsche Design Tower or the Residences by Armani.

The name of this ambitious project is Bentley Residences and to give you an idea of ​​its size we will tell you some technical data. The height of the complex will be 228 meters and will have capacity for 60 plants. Total will build more than 200 luxury apartments, offering the best design and quality. In addition, it will have a series of elements that those who are passionate about the automotive sector and Bentley, will be very grateful.

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One of them is a car lift designed by the English firm. Thanks to him, the owners of these apartments will be able to access their respective garages. Yes, because even if we are in front of a tower of high height, all departments will have their own garage for several vehicles. But it is not the only thing, because they will also enjoy completely private corners such as a balcony, swimming pool, sauna or outdoor shower.

If you like what we are telling you, we announce that Bentley Residences will begin construction in 2023. It is scheduled to be ready three years later (in 2026) and by then its brand-new owners will be able to settle into their sumptuous apartments. Its prices have not been announced, although knowing that it will be designed in accordance with the certification of the Florida Green Building Council (FLGC) very cheap they will not be.

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