Disaster in Brazil! 18 Cities in Pernambuco Hit by Heavy Rain

Disaster in Brazil! 18 Cities in Pernambuco Hit by Heavy Rain

A great catastrophe has covered Pernambuco, a state in eastern Brazil. 150,000 families were left homeless after flooding caused by heavy rains.

Itaiba has not experienced such heavy rain in over 20 years, according to civil defense.
One of the state’s cities hardest hit by heavy rains this weekend was Itaiba in the Agreste region of Pernambuco, 332 kilometers from Recife.
According to Itaiba civil defense, three people were injured and 74 families were left homeless. The prefecture declared a state of emergency.
At least 74 families have been displaced. The streets were flooded and the shops did not open this Saturday July 2nd due to flooding.
More than 130 millimeters of water was recorded from late Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. This volume has not been recorded since 1999.
The heaviest rains were on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Three people were injured in the Alto das Negras area in the countryside of Itaiba.
A house collapsed in Alto de Negras. There were three people there at the time. Two received minor injuries.
The villages of Melancia, Serra Velha and Sitiu Facao are closed due to rain. About 26 thousand inhabitants live in the city.
Eighteen cities in Pernambuco, located in the Agreste Meridional and Zona da Mata Sul, were the most affected by heavy rainfall in the state in these regions on Friday the first and this Saturday of the second
In Maraial, five people stranded in the countryside in the settlement of Sertaozinho had to be rescued by a fire brigade aircraft.
The cities most affected were Agua Preta, Angelim, Barreiros, Correntis, Itaiba, Jaqueira, Quipapa, Marayal, Tamandare, Palmerina, Brejan, Garanhuns and Palmares.

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