Deluge Floods Downtown Miami Streets In First Tropical Threat Of Season

Deluge Floods Downtown Miami Streets In First Tropical Threat Of Season

Numerous roadways across south Florida essentially turned into waterways Saturday morning as a tropical system—just three …

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22 thoughts on “Deluge Floods Downtown Miami Streets In First Tropical Threat Of Season

  1. All you Republican climate change deniers….This is all FAKE! Just wait until this happens in Manhattan! Coming Soon!

  2. Omg, tropical threat!!! Shut up, it's a storm like every hurricane season since before humanity!

  3. that's just another day in Miami…. it always floods…..

  4. Why do ppl act like we don’t have this every year??? 🤷‍♀️😂

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  6. This is what happens when you pave paradise and put in parking lots.

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  8. Surfs up dudes. This is what happens when you build everywhere storm water runoff used to flow. Surprise! Not

  9. Hope the EV's are water proof and no water gets into the lithium battery, if it does, major fireworks.

  10. EVERY single rainstorm and flood in the gulf coast, from now until October, is going to be national headline news.
    "Be afraid!!! Be VERY afraid!!! The sky is failing, and ONLY $70,000 electric cars can save us!!!"
    (rolls eyes)

  11. How will their new Proud Boy Politicians handle this crisis ??

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