Crowds return for Fourth on Marco Island

Crowds return for Fourth on Marco Island

Marco Island was ready to kick back and relax, and Fourth of July provided the perfect opportunity. Independence Day at the beach was a soothing, low-key affair, as calm as the wavelets that swept ashore at Residents’ Beach.

he fireworks went off as scheduled, once the sky had darkened sufficiently, but earlier in the day, the games, contests and activities of “Uncle Sam’s Sand Jam” that kept kids and organizers busy during the day on previous Fourths did not take place. With no organized recreation, each family or group among the thousands of beachgoers was left to its own devices to keep themselves amused.

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For many, taking selfies was a popular pastime, and just hanging out, sunbathing or picnicking under canopies and beach umbrellas. The breeze and some low-SPF cloud cover made for a comfortable afternoon, and the Gulf water was the temperature of warm broth. There was no hint of Tropical Storm Elsa approaching from the south.

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