Crazy Flash Flooding in Miami, Fl June 4th, 2022

Crazy Flash Flooding in Miami, Fl June 4th, 2022

Thanks to Jonathan Petramala for teaming up for some great shots. Torrential rain …

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37 thoughts on “Crazy Flash Flooding in Miami, Fl June 4th, 2022

  1. Corvette engines are in the back of the car. 🤓

  2. Is it only me or would I not care about the care and do my fav thing swimming💀💀

  3. There’s going to be a lot of flooded cars for sale 🔜

  4. Why not leave and come back when it’s over with everybody living in Miami should have hurricane funds for times like this

  5. Thank Desantis for this amazing infrastructure

  6. And to think all these flood damaged cars will be up for sale and the unsuspecting buyers won't know how messed up they are until they buy them and try to use them….

  7. I would have went somewhere where I knew it didn't flood at Fk going home I would have went somewhere else ppl have to think

  8. For people wondering why they are driving theirs cars in flooded water because usually they don’t own them, Miami is fake it until you make it

  9. When you don’t listen or care to listen to what not to do 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. i only see a dozen cars flooded in front of me , i think i can make it

  11. If you knew a storm was coming whyyyy????

  12. Do not get in the water with floating cars. Stupid way to die. Your life is more important

  13. Amazed no water in the vette intake

  14. all the people driving are most likely drunk. lol


  16. The streets were flooded near my job at Midtown Miami yesterday like this too, I lost all 4 hub caps and my license plate in the flood waters with my car.

  17. Cars don't go very far in deep water. Cheap water logged cars coming on the market soon with low prices. What were they thinking??? Oh, thinking didn't occur to them.

  18. Is there a map of the Miami MSA that shows where all the flooding normally occurs during heavy rains so we can avoid those areas?

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