Cheeky thieving coatis steal food from tourist’s bag in Brazil’s Iguazu Falls – TomoNews

Cheeky thieving coatis steal food from tourist’s bag in Brazil’s Iguazu Falls – TomoNews

FOZ DO IGUACU, BRAZIL — A group of tourists visiting Brazil’s famed Iguazu Falls Park were in for a surprise after the local wildlife decided to help themselves to some munchies.

While the waterfalls may be the most stunning attraction at Iguazu, the coati, racoon-like permanent residents of the park, often steal the show. The furry creatures are known to be cheeky thieves particularly enamored with food. Human food, especially.

Common in Central and South America, coatis are omnivores that forage in the forest for insects and fruits with their noses pressed to the ground. Their sensitive and flexible noses, though, also seem to be great for sniffing out cookies and snacks. And they’re also good climbers, using their long tails for balancing.

Coatis may seem cute and harmless, but as many signs around the park warn, they do bite, and can get rather aggressive.

So next time you come across a coati, look, don’t touch, and remember to hide your treats!


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