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Broward crash kills driver and injuries five others, cops say


A three-car crash in Tamarac caused by a driver speeding into a tree, splitting his car in half, injured five and killed one, Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

A Broward driver who died crashing into a tree, splitting his car in half, caused a multi-car wreck that injured five others Tuesday night.

Just after 9 p.m., Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a three-car crash at the 2700 block of West Commercial Boulevard in Tamarac, the sheriff’s office said.

Traffic homicide detectives say that Nicholas Atkinson, 22, was speeding down the westbound lanes of West Commercial Boulevard driving in a white Ford Crown Victoria on West Commercial Boulevard. At some point, Atkinson lost control of the car and spun onto a raised center median before striking a tree.

Hitting the tree split Atkinson’s car in two, detectives said. While the back half stopped by the tree, the front half with Atkinson still inside was flung onto its roof into the eastbound lanes of West Commercial Boulevard.

At the same time — in the eastbound lanes — Kevin Obando, 27, was driving a Chevrolet Suburban and Calvin Bentley, 23, was driving a Buick.

As the front half of Atkinson’s car slid, detectives say it crashed into Bentley’s Buick and debris struck Obando’s driver side window, shattering it.

Atkinson was pronounced dead when Tamarac Fire Rescue arrived to the crash site. Bentley, along with four other passengers, were taken to Holy Cross Hospital and treated for minor injuries. They were later released.

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