Blackdove’s Modern Art-Aventura Magazine. – Florida News Times

Blackdove’s Modern Art-Aventura Magazine. – Florida News Times

Blackdove offers the opportunity to purchase digital artwork on display via cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re crazy about the world of NFTs or scratching the surface, check out the first NFT galleries in Miami. Black dove, The leading fine arts NFT platform. Also known as a “non-fungible token,” NFT is a unique type of crypto token that shows a digital stamp of authenticity and acts as a signature of the original ownership, said Blackdove’s founder, local entrepreneur and crypto art. Says Marc Billings, an expert / gallery curator at. He likens NFTs to the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car. “Many cars are the same, so the VIN number uniquely identifies your car,” he says. Once registered with the government, the car will be identified as owned by you. Similarly, if the artwork NFT is in your wallet, it will be identified as yours. “There may be other similar artwork, but that NFT token is yours, and this ownership is to scan the blockchain (a distributed database that is updated and shared throughout your computer’s network). You can see it at some point NFT) “, he says.

The gallery rotates weekly and is located in The Arsenale of the Miami Design District, where you can see a curated exhibition of over 100 video digital art pieces by over 50 global artists. “Digital art is a very unique medium in that artists can extend content from a single frame to multiple frames,” says Billings. “Historically, this may have been a video story, but we’ve created a piece that emulates a moving picture by a new kind of artist. It’s really fascinating.” In addition to the gallery, Blackdove Recently launched the Marco Blanc Villa exhibition at the Perez Museum, which will be exhibited throughout the New Year.

Blackdove’s Modern Art-Aventura Magazine.

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