Baby formula shortage not a problem in Mexico, parents say

Baby formula shortage not a problem in Mexico, parents say

Shortage of baby formula is not affecting families in Mexico, where families can find formula at most pharmacies and department …

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  1. Time for term and age limits. The older politicians need to be flipped. Politicians benefits need to reflect what the American citizens have availabel to them. No pensions. N o career politicians. In and out. Old senile people as president is a bit of a joke to the world.


  3. "Don't try to be perfect; Just be an excellent example of a human being." – Anthony Robbins

  4. I agree Wolf Wilcopter . There is really no shortage of baby formula. They want us to think there is shortage of it for some diabolical reason.

  5. Sooo, is it the USA making it a problem for Americans to make it seem there is actually a shortage of baby formula here? 🤔

  6. A third world country has baby formula but biden in one of the most richest countries doesn’t😂

  7. People there is no formula shortage anywhere else but USA. Think about it

  8. Many years ago china didn't have baby formulas .they still survive.

  9. ALL DONE BY TRUMP IN HIS 4 YEARS, Absurdly, provisions were added to the United States‐​Mexico‐​Canada Agreement (USMCA) to restrict imports of formula from Canada, supposedly because China was investing in a baby food plant in Ontario, and this new production might eventually enter the U.S. market (heaven forbid!). Thus, the provisions in the USMCA’s agriculture annex establish confusing and costly TRQs on Canadian exports of infant formula, and the United States imported no baby formula from Canada in 2021.

  10. So why are we waiting on flights of formula from Europe when we could just get help from Mexico or Canada faster?! And how do they have a full stock of all the same brands we are out of? Is there another plant in Mexico that makes it for Abbot? Why isn’t Trudeau helping?

  11. I just read that the billionaires are at it again. They have invested in a company called BIOMILQ, 3.5 billion was invested in this company. They produce lab made breast milk. The reason, they claim, is that baby formula causes gases.
    Now we know tthe real reason.
    I don't have any social media account, so please, research this and pass it on before midterms.

  12. Finally Americans start emigrating to Mexico ! Isn't that a great solution to the USA immigration problems 🤣🤣🤣

  13. A friend told that he saw a lady at Costco in Mexicali crying because there was a bunch of baby formula available, and everyone was in shock. Biden needs to go

  14. I learned yesterday that you can change your Amazon from USA to Canada and have the formula shipped from Amazon to you. They have full stock. Since i have been searching for formula for my grandson before learning this. I hope it helps someone else. 😀

  15. I hope there is a red wave in Nov that has never been seen!

  16. Hail Joe Biden, lover of the almighty dollar – hater of the American people – creator of crises and that on purpose. Murderer! Your day cometh and not soon enough !

  17. Mexico has an efficient economy, and the Democrats have turned us into a banana republic. Except we probably have a shortage of bananas, too. Who knew?

  18. Mexico doesn’t have any problems because Biden (Thief in command) is sending all of our American baby formulas to Mexicans!!! Impreach Biden!!!!

  19. Where are these formulas made? If not made in Mexico, where are they imported from.

  20. If any parent or grandparent who voted for Biden isn't enraged by this, then there's something completely wrong with them.

  21. Formula inside mother's body. Whup them things out and feed 'em that way God gave you. Might make 'em smarter too!🤣🤣🤣

  22. It's looking pretty good in Mexico. Makes you wonder why they're all desperate to come here.

  23. We will say it again the only way to break America is from within and Brandon and his friends is sure trying isn't he

  24. & we welcome people. We don’t tell ‘en to get back to their country.

  25. Require every illegal coming into America to bring in 20 cans. Next caravan is 50,000 people so there’s a source.

  26. Begging countries for baby formula. Never thought i'd see that in America. Thank you Joe Biden. 😞

  27. $ 40 billion for Ukrainian. Billion and billion in Abortion .

  28. This is what an America last President looks like… Trump won and everyone knows it… Ultra MAGA King… LGBFJB 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. This is more evidence of The corruption of the US government at large!

  30. Our gov agency was allowing those baby food companies produce products that was not only making babies sick, it killed some babies? What the hell were our gov agencies doing? Mexico has baby food, because they are NOT making the company stop shipping it down there.

  31. Makes you wonder why latin America is fleeing small population non nuclear armed 3rd world nations for a heavily populated nuclear armed 3rd world aggressor nation that is staging itself a radioactive fallout future. Stay in the nations that pose no international militarized threat for best safety.

  32. This isn't fair. They're hogging the AMERICAN FORMULA. WE NEED TO NUKE THEM AND TAKE IT BACK.


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