Tuesday, 29 August 2017
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On Tuesday 29 August, the White Helmets Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the Argentine Football Association signed a broad agreement on cooperation, promotion and assistance in humanitarian and social action with a view to promoting and fostering activities related to areas of mutual interest, placing a special emphasis on:

– Developing and strengthening initiatives and sharing of experiences and knowledge to promote humanitarian principles.

– Formulating and carrying out joint actions, programmes and projects to strengthen exchange of training activities, conferences and knowledge.

– Promoting joint activities.

– Promoting the culture of peace at the international level through sports and by strengthening bonds through innovative community channels that place an emphasis on culture and education, using sports as a tool for integration, addiction prevention, the fight against xenophobia and the strengthening of bonds mainly among young people with different backgrounds.

– Promoting the values of sports, solidarity, resilience, team work, effort, humanitarian aid and peace-building through sports.

On the part of the AFA, the meeting was attended by: Claudio Tapia, Victor Blanco, Marcelo Achile, Pascual Caiella, Andrés Patón Urich and Marina Méndez of Röma Agency, who served as the focal point for both institutions.

As for the White Helmets, the meeting was attended by: Ambassador Alejandro Daneri, Ana Frigerio, Alejandro Nieto, Guillermo Devoto and Noelia Romero.

The agreement was signed in the Cedro Room of the Palacio San Martín (Arenales 761, Buenos Aires).


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