Monday, 18 June 2018
Information for the Press N°: 

In view of the humanitarian and migration crisis affecting the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the region, the MERCOSUR Member States state the following:

Considering the increase in migration flows of Venezuelans seeking new opportunities in the region and the worsening living conditions in Venezuela, the MERCOSUR Member States stress the need to coordinate efforts so as to provide comprehensive responses in migration and refugees matters, respecting the dignity of migrants and preserving their fundamental rights;

Urge the Government of Venezuela to act in cooperation with the international community to establish access channels for humanitarian assistance, with a view to mitigating the social and migration crisis affecting the country;

Encourage the establishment of an information exchange system on epidemiology with the countries of the region;

And reiterate their willingness and commitment to supporting and standing with the Venezuelan people in the efforts needed to mitigate the migration, humanitarian and social crisis currently affecting Venezuela.


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